DSLR Review: Canon 5D Mark IV (Rs. 254995)

Canon’s new beast, the Canon 5D Mark IV, and it is an absolutely rocking piece of kit. Let us talk about the tech specs first.

canon 1

It has:

1)A 30.4 MP Full Frame CMOS sensor

2)A digic 6+ processor

3)ISO range is between 100 – 32000.

4)3.2 inch full touch screen

5)7 fps (disappointing) but with a CF card slot it goes on to a full 21 Full raw burst.

6)Built in WiFi/GPS/NFC

7)USB 3.0 slot

canon 2

The camera improves over the Canon 5D Mark III in a number of ways. Firstly, it is lighter than the previous generation and it has better weather sealing.

canon 3

The best change is the introduction of a dual pixel RAW. What this does is that in conjunction with Canon’s DPP software one can really get onto the minutest details of the photo and then make micro adjustments to the bokeh as well as the focus.

canon 4

This camera also has 4K video recording upto 30 fps, although there is a 1.74x crop factor applied to it.

canon 6

Dual pixel AF is a great feature too as now photographers can use the touch screen to focus and when that is combines with the Wifi feature, well focusing is going to be a breeze.

canon 7

The only major grouse so far has been the non-inclusion of a CFast card slot. This might be nitpicking but when you are paying top dollar to purchase a camera, you want it to have the latest technology in every aspect.

EOS-5D-MarkIV-body-top-d canon 5

canon 8

Anyway, this new camera will be a brilliant addition for any pro photographer and if you can afford it a fantastic new one to learn on.



Image Source: http://canon5dmkiv.com/

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