Peshawari Food Festival – Kama, Radisson Blu Kaushambi

Food festivals present an opportunity to relish varied authentic cuisines at the comfort of the city travel. Kama at Radisson Blu, Kaushambi, takes this up sacredly and arranges food festivals regularly to keep the varied palate fest for its patrons going. Whether it was the Hyderabadi Food Festival (read about it here), Punjabi Food Festival (read about it here), Kashmiri Food Festival (read about it here) or others, food was always the priority and the trend continues with the Peshawari Food Festival – from August 18 – September 4, hosted by the restaurant.

The feast starts with a welcome drink – Florina, which is a refresher.

The first course has delicacies like Suleymani Murgh ke kebab, Peshawari Raan, Peshawari Paneer Tikkka and Tandoori Phool. Special mention goes to the Peshawari Raan and Tandoori Phool – the former is a reflection of the skills of Master Chef Vishal Nigam and Chef Devi Lal, who cook this piece intricately with a perfect blend of spices. Tandoori Phool are bite sized florets of cauliflower marinated and roasted – the juiciness is maintained, which generally is the issue with other joints.

Peshawari Raan

Peshawari Paneer Tikkka

tandoori phool

Chana Pudina ka Shorba and Payee ka Shorba adorn the next course. I tried the Payee ka shorba, and it is fantastic. It is not the regular soup, and comes with a portion of the paya and its meat, which just elevates the flavours! Chana Pudina ka Shorba was tried by vegetarian friends and was found to be good as well.

Payee ka Shorba

Dumpukht Murgh, Meat Kofta Curry, Paneer Handi Korma, Subz Gulbahar, Peshawari Choley, Yakhani Biryani, Maash Pulao, Qatlama and Khamiri Naan are the main course. Qatlama is an intriguing dish – the vegetarian version of the savory can be termed ‘desi pizza’ and it beats other versions hands down – super soft base loaded with spices, topped with veggies, cheeze and grilled, this is lovely. The koftas in the Meat Kofta Curry were a little dry for our liking, but the gravy was flavorsome. I didn’t quite like the Maash Pulao (may be because I had the Yakhani Biryani), somehow the idea of sprouts in my biryani didn’t make peace with me. The Yakhani Biryani on the other hand is wonderful – succulent pieces of mutton with a fragrant dollop of rice just dissolves in the mouth. The vegetarian fare is well accounted for too and all the dishes were up to expectations, with the Peshawari Choley really standing out. Do try their Khamiri naan – for they are hot, super soft and go extremely well with the dishes.

Paneer Handi Korma

Meat Kofta Curry

Dumpukht Murgh

Subz Gulbahar

Badam Nariyal ki kulfi and Sheer Korma are the sweet treats. The kulfi is stuffed (kind of) with coconut laddoos and is served with faluda. The stuffing is a welcome change from the regular kulfi. Sheer Korma is a excellent dish enriched with dry fruits (a lot of it) – the best part – it is super creamy and not over sweet.

Badam Nariyal ki kulfi

sheer korma

The Peshawari Food Festival is must try for lovers of the cuisine and a good platform to get the authentic tastes with comfort and luxury.

Peshawari Food Festival
August 18 – September 4
Kama, Radisson Blu, H-3, Sector 14, Kaushambi, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201010
Phone: 0120 473 6200



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