10 Million People in India Have Varicocele – Do You Too?

Did you know that more than 10 million cases of Varicocele are diagnosed in India every year? Are you wondering if you could have it? Well, hopefully my article will help you understand what Varicocele is, what its symptoms are and how it affects you.

What is Varicocele?

In an man’s body, the scrotum sac holds the testicles and that contains arteries and veins that deliver blood to reproductive glands. If there is an abnormality in the veins in the scrotum it may lead to what is know as – Varicocele. When the veins within the scrotum enlarge, it results varicocele.

I’m sure you have heard of varicose veins that happen in your legs, well, this is the same thing but it just happens in the scrotum.

Why is Varicocele a cause for concern?

It results in decreased sperm production and the sperm that is produced can be of low quality leading to infertility. Another problem is that it can lead to a change or reduction in the size of testicles. If you are planning a baby with your partner, this disease may cause a severe hindrance in that process.

What are the symptoms?

There may be no symptoms of this disease at all. Usually the following symptoms occur:

  • a lump inside one of your testicles which is visible and can be felt
  • swelling in the scrotum
  • enlarged veins in the scrotum that can be seen from under the skin and look like a bag of worms
  • a faint and recurring pain in the scrotum

Can Varicocele be healed naturally?

Grocare, an India based company has come up with – NERVICA, ACIDIM & ACTIVIZ  – which have together helped thousands cure Varicocele without surgery and any side effects. Acidim is the only researched based formulation on the market, that helps balance the pH of the entire body seamlessly. Nervica is the only herbal medicine that helps in restoration and synchronisation of the Nervous and Vascular systems in the body and acting as a catalyst to the healing process, Activiz synchronizes your internal systems in such a way that they run harmoniously.

Do You Worry?

This happens to 15 percent of the general male population and in India the number of cases are alarmingly high but you can’t do anything differently to protect yourself from this. Most males are diagnosed between the ages of 15 and 25 years.

The thing you can do is get yourself checked on a regular basis as this can only be diagnosed by a physical examination of your genitals. Varicoceles can exist on both sides or either side of your scrotum. The best solution is to get yourself check and begin the medication as soon as possible to avoid infertility related issues.



Featured Image Source: huffpost.com, Grocare

Source: healthline.com

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5 thoughts on “10 Million People in India Have Varicocele – Do You Too?

  1. Hi Shivangi, you explained it very well, but my question is regarding GROCARE, what made you trust them? are they genuine? while I cant find a clinical study or research and reviews available online are mostly negative so your article (sorry to say) seems like a promotion, your clarification would help decide whether to go with GROCARE (not for Variocele) but I have Hiatus Hernia but I have my valid doubts on GROCARE, please help.

  2. Same doubt I have what made you to trust grocare products for varicocele. I can’t find any scientific data regarding their products online. Are they paying you to promote their products? Please reply

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