The Quarry is set to revolutionize Marble Display, Selling and Buying In India

In the video: Rupesh Shinde, Founder, The Qarry

The brand launched its premiere 12,000 sq. ft. marble gallery curating some of the world’s finest marble and rare Onyx in Mumbai. I’m planning to redo my office and I was particularly interested in seeing what this gallery had to offer.

At the Quarry Marble Gallery, Design is more than just aesthetics. Marbles are designed to combine the best of form and function in offering end-to-end solutions for customers and introduce a new level of style and elegance to their homes. Provide a complete range of engineered marbles and vitrified tiles, sourcing unique only natural stones for decorative purposes. The Marbles specially curated and handcrafted naturally with special unique stones, giving each marble a special touch of nature. The Quarry will offers innovations such as bacteria resistant BactoFinish and QVAC, a special ultra-strengthening technology that increases the integrity and longevity of every slab. Now, who doesn’t love longevity?


At Quarry, the marbles designed are not just for floors, as the notion is, it can also be well placed on the walls of any room making it innovative and to feel a great sense of euphoria. It is because of this uncompromising take on quality that the end product has gone through a series of rigorous tests that ensure the durability and longevity.

At Quarry, they not only sell the products but can act as consultants to the customers helping them with the selection of the right material, color, pick out the right design, explain the opportunities and limitations of each option and even installation. Besides their standard assortment of products, they also customize upon request.

Some of the factors that set them apart are, their spacious showrooms showcase a wide range of products and offer a vast display area to choose from. Live displays and realistically designed mockups to help customers visualize their own homes. All the designs are exclusively hand picked to retain only the cream of the crop. Engage themselves actively in expos and exhibitions to keep up with the latest in international trends. I’m going to give them a call to see how they can help me with my office needs!



Credit: Chandni

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