While bloggers and food critics are roaming around in this foodie world exploring new aspects and venues, here comes a new place that perhaps serves the best Pizza and “the best that I had” `PANEER TIKKA`,  with a simple touch of its own in the recipe.

Yes, I did mentioned the best in the beginning because, the place is nothing less than a simple crafted sublimity of a passionate designer or a photographer or even an artist. Its like categorically it  can placed outstanding then those resonating factors of common delight and usual amazement which does not even comes with WOW.

To start with lemme just put a pic then explain;

BeFunky Collage 3

The entire venue is categorized in 3 different parts which is:

  1. The sports room section: to the right of the entrance is the this particular section which has sports pictures and playing stuff like pool table and stick football and artifacts of  different sports personalities and with very smooth red paint and having a rough and rustic texture it is very beautifully presented to the clients. Also not to forget the illuminated wall which is right in front of the eyes in the sports section and also a bit off the hook type deal.
  2. The main dine area: The section contains of the live bar with immensely big brewery containers for the beer lovers and that to ample space and with due respect the entire venue is extraordinarily spacious. It most certainly has the sitting area and the fine dine area juxtapose to it as well also, a live stage for live performances at special nights by different artists.
  3.  The outdoor seating premise: Astonishing, beautiful, green, scenic view, spiritual touch, crafty, artistic, maverick. Excellent work with the interiors and the same goes with the infra and most importantly with the furniture they have incorporated, a s apart of  the interiors and exterior as well. The wooden seats with cushioned comfort and along with that the Buddha center piece makes it like a perfect picture capture.

While this was the explanation to the venue lets jump to the quintessential factor which I mentioned earlier, FOOD; A PICTURE TO EXPLAIN IT ALL:


BeFunky Collage 4

From beginning till end this was all we ordered and I actually wanted to order for more so that I can devour more:

Phyllo Artichoke

cottage cheese steak

ginger ale and blue slush with hint of vodka

fish steaks with potato wedges

paneer tikka (The best as mentioned)

lal maas tikka

nachos with salsa and sour dip

Veg and non veg pizza (again the best ever had)

ceasar salad

a lot of beer (Brewery with the best contraptions)

Thai curry veg with rice

The special B&B daal with laccha parantha

finally, Ice Cream sundae

BeFunky Collage 5

Needless to say the pics are way less tempting then what it actually was, I am still drooling into that taste. It was ineffable to explain the kind of ecstasy I was lost into.

Loved it…. and still wanting for more.



Review Credit: SAGAR



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