Confluence of two Worlds under one roof – `VEDA` & `DJINGGS` together, platter of majestic cuisines served with a smile.


India and China have profound past, tracking to the early times or even before in the existence. Artifacts and information can be explored of Sikh soldiers, as a part of the Indian regiment living in China known as Shanghai Indians.

More than a Century later – a dithyramb in honor to such amicable notions introduces -“Veda & Djinggs”. A never-before-done convergence of the two most admired cuisines, to hit the Delhi NCR. A contrivance to this idea needs no introduction, `Veda` has been a classic favorite to all of its complacent and devoted customers for past 14 years now and still counting.

The fanatical collaboration has an illuminating nimbus so marvelously portrayed, with influences of the two cultures reflected in the décor that only adds to the experience, of the luxury, of not having to choose between the two legendary cuisines. It has a wide array of signature dishes, made by expert chefs, also bringing a fresh and unique concept, the ‘clay pot’ cooking. “Partitioned” by a common bar – The McMahon bar is a clever reference to the McMahon line which is the Indo-china border. A picture is worth a thousand word and all the captures are here to exemplify the true beauty of this venue and the essence of the whole concept.

Veda in sector 29, Gurugram comes with a lot of experience. The décor reverberates augustness, with state-of-the-art chandeliers and gorgeous ethnic mirrors all around the premises. Food is authentic Pan-Indian, using genuine spices from all over the country. Be it the richest North Indian items like a delicious Malai Murg Kebab to the creamiest Hyderabadi Parcha Kebab, Veda is what one would call – ‘India in a room’.

Djinggs, on the other hand, brings to life the Sichuan Province of China. The Clay hot-pot meals, in a signature style, are an experience of a whole new culture without having to travel an inch. The tender, flavorful dishes like Aromatic Duck with Pancake and Honey Noodles is a perfect example of traditional food with contemporary style cooking. The décor is true to the nature of its food, with dim lights and beautiful sun-umbrellas; keeping the authenticity of the place unbeatable.

The staff and the venue kept on surprising us by some very succulent and scrumptious dishes as they kept on serving and this was a little menu from that day:



Pokchoy Spinach Cristal Dumpling

Assorted Pan Fried Mushroom Dumpling

Chicken Sui Mai

Lamb Pan Fried Dumpling

Pork Bao

Prawn on Toast

Chilli Garlic Fish

French Beans Dry chilli and Garlic

Radish Cake

Main Course        

Egglplant Sichuan Special Sauce

Vegetables Mapu Tofu

Sliced Chicken Chilli and Sichuan pepper

Shu Zhu Fish

Kung Pao Squid

Chicken Claypot Rice

Vegetable Fried Noodle


Darsan with Vanilla Ice cream


Indian Menu (VEDA SPECIAL)


Dahi Ke Kabab

Paneer Romaani Tikka

Bhatti ka murgh

Achari Fish Tikka

Palak Patta Chaat

Veda Curry Leaf

Main Course

Crispy Okra

Mathania Chilli Paneer Khurchan

Kolhapuri Mix Veg

Paneer Kundan Kaliya

Chicken Chettinad

Rogan lamb Shank

Goan Fish Curry

Dal Veda

Ghosht Biryani


Assortment of Breads

(Roti, Naan, Butter Naan Khulcha)


Homemade Kulfi/ Shahi Tukda

veda 1veda 2

I cant have a more refreshing evening as compared to this one, with friends and with such an eccentric yet jaw dropping concept this place is most appealing in my perspective and let the patrons speak themselves.

Such fusions are not common but surely convivial and certainly aberrant in approach towards the people.

Loved it.



Credit: SAGAR

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