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Running a lifestyle website is fun. I get to review all the things I actually experience. I love sharing what I actually feel about a product with the world. There can be no better job! So, I recently got a new bed, all that was missing was a new mattress. It can be overwhelming to decide what mattress to pick. I researched online tirelessly only to get more confused. I finally came across and found out that the company offers a 100 day trial on the mattress – music to my ears. I could now procrastinate making up my mind for another 100 days, what could be better!


I called for them to send the mattress over to me and it arrived very promptly. The customer service was very helpful and gladly answered all of my questions about the mattress. The Sunday Latex Plus mattress is the best mattress for the Indian customer in many ways. It uses premium quality imported latex foam to give the right sink and support. It’s raw materials meet stringent international quality benchmarks and offer great back support and comfort for all types of sleeping postures.


Sunday Latex Plus Mattress

I am always on my laptop and I have a very bad back. My sleep is very important to me and on Day 1 of using the mattress I was hoping to get a very good night’s sleep. After my first night trying the mattress I realized why the company so confidently offers a 100 day trial. The mattress is so comfortable that you wouldn’t want to return it. My back felt relaxed and I started my day on a very positive note. It was like sleeping in a five-star hotel bed, an impromptu vacation was what the night before felt like.


Sunday Ortho Plus Mattress

My other bed has a memory foam mattress and I have been quite pleased with it but after 2-3 years of using it, I have been noticing sagging. Memory foam and pocket/bonnellsprings are not present in these mattresses and that reduces heating and sagging issues. Belgian Latex foam is a bit more expensive compared to memory foam and springs, but the price of the mattress certainly doesn’t reflect that.

If you do not rely on my word, know that these mattresses have been tested at LGA, Germany to simulate more than 10 years of usage and scored 99/100. I tested a lot of mattresses before making a decision. I went to several mattress shops, slept on the mattresses to get a feel of the product but in the end the 100 day trail resulted in my decision to go with Great idea, this!



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4 thoughts on “Mattress Review:

  1. Pathetic service, i have reviewed them on there FB page and on there website and they have removed my comments and blocked me and my wife from commenting on there page. When my wife reviewed them on there website they moved the review deep down below so that people don’t see it. By this you can get an idea how big fraud they are, using some cheap quality material and then Looting people’s money. They don’t post the bad reviews at all so that people think it’s the best mattress in the world, but thank god they can’t remove the reviews from Google.
    I have barely used the mattress in last 1 year as me and my wife were out of town for around 4 months and we have used it with most precaution and care and only for 8-9 hrs a day and we are only 2 people in the house, then also this piece of crap is deformed and these guys claim to be best in the market. They called me and said every company has same policy or warranty and when i asked why the quality is not same then there is no answer. They are asking me to pay 25% of current MRP to get my mattress replaced, which again might create issue. They claim to be aggressively priced because there quality is too low and they will earn more money through warranty claims. Increased 3k in a one year time.
    Guys humble request if you want your money to be a good investment and want peace of mind then please don’t buy this mattress, don’t be fooled by the +ve reviews on there website and FB as they remove/don’t post -ve reviews. I doubt all those 5* reviews could be there family and friends.
    DON’T BUY….

  2. Dear Neha Jain/Jatin Jain-

    We have seen your reviews on numerous website and pretty much every website that is there that is related to mattresses. We are pained that you are using the social media to arm twist us into towing your line after the purchase is made, even though we are willing to beyond what is committed.

    – The warranty is clear and transparent. It is not something that we are coming up now. We take pride in being transparent even before the order is placed as we are aware that customers are unforgiving
    – In fact we are the only mattress brand that clearly enumerates the policies in a customer friendly and transparent manner
    – In your case, we tried to go the extra mile than what is already mentioned in the policy but you have been quite rigid
    – We feel that you are unfairly maligning the brand to arm twist us into towing your line. We can’t make any more exceptions, and as we have over and beyond what we agreed.
    – We do not remove reviews and in fact we do not have control over all the website
    – We hope that potential customers can make an assessment as to what is fair and what is not fair and they can make an assessment as to what is the over quality of the mattress

    To summarise, we are here to serve you, we will honour our commitment, and in some cases, more than what is committed. At the same time, we are unable to let you hold us to ransom because you have access to social media.

    The same has been communicated to you over email and telephone calls.

    Sunday Mattresses

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