Fashion Basics: Boho Inspired Look for Summers

In my wardrobe I have a zillion clothes but like most girls I am always confused about what I should wear when I head out. I usually wear something that is comfortable. A comfortable piece of clothing is a staple for me whether it’s a well fitted pair of pants or a tiny black dress.


Max asked me to put together a bohemian inspired look for one of its magazines and I was completely zapped. I have never dressed boho in my life. One of my first ports of call – UCB. They do just about every kind of casual, laid back boho type outfit you can think of.

I picked a dark green dress and paired it with black boho Katie studded multi strap gladiator type sandals. This dress is perfect for summer time and if you like an off the shoulder look – go nuts!

In the end, I picked a Baggit handbag and even though grey doesn’t entirely go with the outfit, it is an interesting addition.


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