5 Moments @ Rio Olympics You Need To Watch

1. India wins its First Medal at Rio

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Wrestler Sakshi Malik wins her (and India’s) first Olympic medal at Rio 2016. In a superb photo finish, she managed to win in the dying seconds of the bout. Congrats to her and a proud moment for the whole country.

2. Kristina Vogel wins Without a Saddle!


Source: smh.com.au

Kristina Vogel won the gold medal at the Olympic women’s track cycling sprint. Other than the fact that she was one of the few cyclists to beat Britain at cycling, Vogel’s win was remarkable because she won the race without a seat! , Maybe she should have won two medals for that effort.

3. The Olympic Sports(wo)man Spirit


Source: Guardian.com

New Zealand athlete Nikki Hamblin and American athlete Abbey D’Agostino were competing in the 5000 m heats when they collided and fell. Instead of proceeding ahead, Nikki picked up Abbey and even helped her through the race knowing that Abby had injured herself. The two women finished the race last and then embraced each other among rapturous fans applauding both.

4. Breaking the Mould


Source: NY times

Chinese Olympic bronze medalist Fu Yuanhui is winning everyone’s hearts by breaking the mold one usually associates with Chinese athletes. After one of the races when a reported saw her crouching in pain and asked about it ,she replied

“It’s because I just got my period yesterday, so I’m still a bit weak and really tired,” she said. “But this isn’t an excuse for not swimming well.” She already has taken the internet by storm because of her fun personality and candidness.

5. What is up with Bolt? LOL 

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Usain Bolt jogged to win his quarterfinal heats in the 200 m race. Jogged is the apt term as he seemed to literally amble the last 100 metres and won without breaking too much sweat. In fact, he did the same in the semi finals of the 200 m before the Canadian athlete De Grasse gave him a run at the end. Bolt still beat him with a smile! Here is to Rockstar Usain.



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