5 Reason To Visit Barcelona, Spain

What I love about Barcelona are its people. They are warm, welcoming and very friendly. I fell in love with Barcelona when I first watched the hollywood film “Vicky Cristina Barcelona.” There was something magical about both the film and the city that mesmerised me. Barcelona is known for its modernist architecture and dreamy beaches. What fascinates me most is the architecture. We have known Barcelona for its legendary football club but there is so much more to Barcelona than just football.

Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss Barcelona: 


  1. Amazing Beaches: If you are a beach person and you enjoy relaxing and chilling with a book or just sunbathing then pick Barcelona for your next holiday. The best time to visit is: April to June and September to October. Don’t forget to book your tickets in advance because visas take time. If you have already applied for your visa, you can track it onlinesagrada-smalere
  2. The Architecture: Barcelona is a city festooned with great architectural marvels like Mercat de Santa Caterina, Casa Batlló, La Sagrada Família, Església de Santa Maria del Mar, Castell de Montjuïc, Hospital de la Santa Creu i de Sant Pau and many more. Tifo_at_Camp_Nou
  3. The Football Club: Futbol Club, Barcelona is one of the most visited places in Barcelona especially because it’s football club is legendary. This club was founded in 1899 and is a symbol of Catalan culture and Catalanism. Its motto “Més que un club” means – more than a club. img_5408
  4. The Boardwalk: Most seaside cities are known for their happening boardwalks and Barcelona is no different. If you like to explore cities with beautiful boardwalks then make sure to keep this city on your list. It is beautiful and is bustling with activity. If you visit Barcelona in the summer make sure to visit the boardwalk after dinner because it is sunny till at least 10 o’clock at night. 277_602-jordi-cruz-cocina-abac-1
  5. The Food: The people in Barcelona are just like me when it comes to food, they think about food all day long, at breakfast they think about lunch, at lunch they think about breakfast and at dinner they plan what they are going to eat the following day. My day in Barcelona started with some café con leche –  coffee with milk and some cookies.

My lunch was at ABaC. Chef Jordi Cruz is the youngest chef in Spain to win a Michelin star at just 26. His food was as close to perfect as one can get.

Dinner was at L’Havana. This restaurant first opened its doors in 1897 and was then taken over to run by another family in 1945. Don’t miss the battered artichokes and meatballs with cuttlefish.

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