Donors assembled at Jaypee Hospital to spread awareness on the occasion of World Organ Donation Day

Jaypee Hospital, a Multi Super Specialty Healthcare facility at Sector 128 Noida, today celebrated the World Organ Donation Day to spread awareness about organ donation. The hospital invited donors and paid tribute to their noble act of saving someone’s life by donating their organs. All donors unanimously appealed the general public to pledge and promote organ donation.

The event was addressed by Jaypee Hospital’s Managing Director Mr. Sunny Gaur, Director Mrs. Rekha Dixit, NOTTO-Director Dr. Vimal Bhandari, CEO Dr. Manoj Luthra, Senior Liver Transplant surgeons Dr. Abhideep Chaudhary and Dr. K.R. Vasudevan, Senior Kidney Transplant surgeon Dr. Amit Devra and Senior Nephrologist Dr. Anil Prasad Bhatt.

On the occasion, Mr. Sunny Gaur, Managing Director, Jaypee Hospital said, “When it comes to organ donation we lag behind the other developed countries primarily because of lack of awareness. We strongly believe that a donor himself/herself is the best brand ambassador to fight the dogmatic thought process that prevails in our society against organ donation.”

World Organ Donation Day celebrated at Jaypee Hospital

Dr. Vimal Bhandari, Director – NOTTO, mentioned about the recent case of organ donation & said, “Mr. Pawan Kumar who was admitted at Jaypee Hospital because of brain hemorrhage and later was declared brain dead had redefined the service towards mankind by donating his liver and both the kidneys and thereby saving lives of three people. A person, when alive can save atleast one life by donating his organ whereas a brain dead patient can give a gift of life to atleast 3-4 people. “

On this occasion, explaining about the dreadful liver disease and the importance of organ donation, Dr. Abhideep Chaudhary, Senior Liver Transplant Surgeon, Jaypee Hospital said, “Around two lakh people die every year due to liver ailments. In India around 30,000 patients need liver every year but only 1000 are being transplanted currently.

Dr. K.R. Vasudevan, Senior Liver Transplant Surgeon, Jaypee Hospital added, “Alcoholic cirrhosis represents the most common cause of cirrhosis and accounts for 40% of liver deaths. Among the many causes behind liver ailments, infected viral hepatitis C (Kalapilia) is also one of the major causes in North India. Fatty Liver disease is the third most common cause of chronic liver disease. The numbers are rising and as per the data 1 out of 6 individuals is affected.”

Dr. Amit Devra, Senior Consultant – Urology & Renal Transplant, Jaypee Hospital said, “In India around 2, 00,00 people suffer from kidney failures out of which only 5000 can get a new life though a kidney transplant. When the kidney disease reaches an end stage, kidney transplantation is the only option left.”

On the occasion, Senior Nephrologist Dr. Anil Prasad Bhatt discussed about the chronic kidney disease. He informed that as per the recent study the relation of obesity is not only with the increased risk of developing diabetes and hypertension but also an increased risk of developing renal dysfunction.

In Jaypee Hospital, so far 38 livers have been transplanted successfully whereas 48 people have given a new life to their family members by donating their kidneys. To celebrate the day, a special donor card for the people who are willing to donate their organs was made at Jaypee Hospital.

About Jaypee Hospital:

The Noida-based Jaypee hospital is the flagship hospital of the Jaypee Group, which herald the groups with a noble intention to enter the healthcare space. The hospital spreads across 25 acres of sprawling campus in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The hospital has been planned and designed as a 1200 bedded tertiary care multi-specialty facility and has commissioned 525 beds in the first phase.

The Jaypee Group is committed to providing world-class healthcare supported by renowned consultants and most advanced technology. Jaypee Hospital is a super-specialty hospital with advance healthcare facilities, the latest diagnostic services, and state- of-the –art technology focused on medical specialties that meet the needs of masses. The plan, design and construction of this hospital position itself amongst very few LEED Certified hospitals building in India.

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