Apple iPhone 7 – Yes or No?

Rumors have been abound regarding the release date of the iphone 7, and most experts now agree that the new iphone will be showcased in the upcoming Apple keynote in September.

iPhone 7 Plus vs iPhone 6S Plus. Image credit: Unbox Therapy

The strongest rumour is that Apple will most probably discontinue the headphone jack from the iphone 7. In its place, Apple will provide wireless headphones that will be Bluetooth enabled.  Although this “innovation” is not strictly very popular but knowing Apple’s track record, there has to be a bigger strategy behind this.

The other big surprises (not official) are that the new phone may not have stereo speakers or a home button!


A lot of people, including yours truly think that the iphone 7 might underwhelm, as there are no new bold changes, one that is expected of Apple.

The big surprise is however that Apple seems to have been saving a completely new phone for 2017, the 10thanniversary of the iphone. Apple needs and to and might take Samsung by surprise, seems to be the plan.

Still, knowing Apple’s popularity many people will queue up to buy the iphone 7. We will wait and watch.



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