Indian Meets Chinese – Djinggs


A new yet old place has stepped in to the ever happening Sector 29 Market in Gurugram. Djinggs a place that blends the flavors of China with the class of Veda (by Rohit Bal).


The place grows on you with the first step. The dimly lit ambiance and the fused “RED” that highlights the art work at each step makes this place super slick and classy. The comfortable sitting, well trained staff and top of the line service makes this place stand out. While the market has a lot of places on similar cuisine, however if it’s a dinner date or a professional meet, the place simply fits the bill. The roof has been done up to highlight the move of a classic Indian Restaurant Veda (Rohit Bal) making an attempt to bring the flavors of China into a single location. Djinggs is truly a place to be.

Just like the designer’s unique take on the interior of the restaurant, the chef has his a few aster pieces up his sleeves.


The “Chicken Sui Mai”, “Pork Bao”, “Lamb Pan Fried Dumplings” are to look out for, and a must try, but the one dish which I personally recommend is the “Prawn on Toast” the dish gives a new meaning to the classic vegetarian starter “sesame cheese toast” the chef’s unique way of clubbing the crispiness of the deep fried bread toast with the juicy & flavor filled prawns covered with sesame seeds is just amazing.

Vegetarians visiting this place are surly in for a surprise as the chef serves some awesome vegetarian stuff. While the “Radish Cake”, “French Beans” Dahi ke Kebab” were a real treat, the best dish f the evening and a must must try is the “Palak Patta Chat”, who could think of such an amazing dish and the chef really pulled it off. How an Spinach leaves, curd and spices together make such an exciting dish? A question that can be answered only if you try it out.

While the starters were plenty and simply amazing, the main course was marvelous, some of the dishes I would personally recommend may sound weird but are just mouthwatering.


Crispy Okra, Egglplant Sichuan Special Sauce, Chicken Claypot Rice, Shu Zhu Fish and Dal Veda were my personal favorite.

While the place is new and awaiting commercial launch, I am pretty sure this place with stir up quite a competition giving some of the known players a run for their money.

I rate this place a 3.5 out of 5 and would recommend a visit.

Review courtesy – Abhishek Mukherji

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