Independence Day Special: Does this award winning Dubai restaurant go beyond theatrics to deliver real Indian food?


My quest for the most creative modern Indian restaurant in town has begun. And while its summer and we dread the idea of heavy and spicy food, Tresind with its promise of molecular gastronomically designed inventive Indian fare was hard to resist.

IMG_2172 Zaatar pal served with pindi channa hummus and pickled olive and sundried tomato dip

My culinary sojourn into Chef Himanshu Saini’s uniquely crafted menu of celebrated Indian food with a modern twist started with a aroma infused vapors adorning my table top. This was followed by the scrumptious pindi chana hummus, pickled olives and sun dried tomatoes that go so well with zaatar pao and succeeds at teasing the palate.

IMG_2177 Deconstructed pani puri

The real adventure started with the dramatic molecular preparation of the  good ol’ pani puri every desi eternally craves but only this was a deconstructed version. The flavors and spices were so delightfully well-balanced…

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