Independence Day Special: Does this award winning Dubai restaurant go beyond theatrics to deliver real Indian food?

We uncover some of the culinary adventures on Tresind’s tasting menu to see if it’s worth your time and money.

My quest for the most creative modern Indian restaurant in town has begun. And while its summer and we dread the idea of heavy and spicy food, Tresind with its promise of molecular gastronomically designed inventive Indian fare was hard to resist.

Zaatar pal served with pindi channa hummus and pickled olive and sundried tomato dip

My culinary sojourn into Chef Himanshu Saini’s uniquely crafted menu of celebrated Indian food with a modern twist started with a aroma infused vapors adorning my table top. This was followed by the scrumptious pindi chana hummus, pickled olives and sun dried tomatoes that go so well with zaatar pao and succeeds at teasing the palate.

Deconstructed pani puri

The real adventure started with the dramatic molecular preparation of the  good ol’ pani puri every desi eternally craves but only this was a deconstructed version. The flavors and spices were so delightfully well-balanced and I had to literally remind myself that this was the very first element of my rather intimidatingly long tasting menu.

Deconstructed dhokla chaat
Modernist chat

Although the theatrics that went into the modernist chaat trolley were quite a spectacle, the frozen dhokla  could do with some work on being nearly as exciting as its warm, delicately moist and steamy cousins.

Icy cold perfection

The tandoori shrimp with Amritsari soft shell crab was a wonderful rendition of a classic ice dish and the lamb chopswere meat lover heaven.


The tenderness of the meat was just right and the flavors complemented each other well resulting in a flavorsome mouthfuls of lamb  cookies in rosemary and accompanied bypotatoes cooked in our very desi ghee. 


My favorite in the mains menu had to be the tawa chickenwith the most irresistible spices fried to make the perfect masala for the succulent piece of meat. This was served withBombay style karak pao bread which is actually the perfect kind of accompaniment  for the hot flavors on the dish.


The John Dory en papillote was another winner beautifully presented in sunshine yellow and tossed with seasonal greens. The spices on this one are an intricate mix of flavors from the subcontinent but had a beautifully inspired international influence as well.

Mushroom chai, anyone?

The theatrical genius of the place doesn’t end there. The beverages we sampled like the  Tresind version ofmushroom chai was a blend of wild dehydrated mushrooms and truffle milk powder.


Even the welcome drink, a virgin sangria was a fizzy experiment bursting with flavor and uniquely presented as a result of molecular mixology. The vapors and the aroma create a misty, mystical wonderland and this is followed by the intoxicating and smooth flavor of suspended fruit and mint leaves.

Molecular mixology genius

Apart from being visually stunning, the beverage was the perfect and most elegant way to cool the palate after a spicy course on the menu.

Paan infused cotton candy ride!

The paan flavored cotton candy truck was reminiscent of the many evenings children back home in India spend nibbling on the fuzzy pink stuff at fairs and amusement parks. A rather refreshing idea with a certain element of nostaligia that does the trick.

The deconstructed black forest was another frozen wonder perfect for summer cheat days.

Although as someone who likes to go very easy on spices, some of the dishes were too overwhelming in flavor. However, if you want to see a true celebration of Indian flavors with the inventiveness of a modern fusion menu, Tresind is your best bet. It might not be authentic Indian food in the traditional sense of the term, but that is not what lovers of this iconic venue are craving for anyway.

This the ideal place for food lovers in the glitzy emirate to celebrate the evolution of India and Indian cuisine this Independence day.

With the arrival of Carnival by Tresind in town next month, food lovers in town have more reason to celebrate. Stay tuned for more scoop on this scorching new DIFCeatery that the guys behind Tresind are sure to rock at all over again.

PS: There’s a browser issue on my Macbook and I have tons of more Tresind pics coming up. Or check the @scoopwithree Instagram where I’ve got more pics of this wonderfully satiating venue coming up.

Scoop Rating: 4/5

The vegetarian chef’s tasting menu is priced at aed 350.Add another aed 200 per person for wine pairing with five half glasses (75 ml) of wine.

Source: Independence Day Special: Does this award winning Dubai restaurant go beyond theatrics to deliver real Indian food?

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