Review “Piali-The Curry Bistro”

Without wasting a single second let me please portray the beauty of this place, like a true designer imbibed in the the very soul of it’s existence which can be adjudged with its decor and interiors.

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The venue is  divided into 3 sections which makes it a perfect combination of elegance and swag at the same time, because, once I stepped inside the premise, all I could see was fine dining area with textured and carved interior and beautiful curtains that had a perfect blend of  grace and urbane finish.

But when the fine dine area ends, juxtapose to  it is the lounge area with artificial bonfire and decent light lamps giving the precise look of a lounge to  just sit back and relax the show going on, cant resist to mention the flower pots decorated on the window with beautiful caricature and wall hangings in the dine area itself. And finally comes the live bar section with again ample sitting area and also a projector for the patrons for the live screening of sports and it was like sophistication from every corner was dripping like honey. Really adorable.

The whole decor and the interior part was adorable for me but the food was like a next level  of admiration, I was not even expecting that the manager told me, its named as curry bistro because it serves one of the best curries and largest amount of curries in Delhi, and it proved to the point.

Let me start with the appetizers section, which we kicked up with, from Corn Tempura (Benchmark dish, must try), Vegetable Bruschetta, Alfredo Veg pasta and finally 3-cheese grilled sandwich. Having ordered, classic american, Tex-Mex and Italian appetizers, we tasted all the 3 cuisines, and it was off the charts, I relished every dish to the fullest without any flaw, it was perfect.

Gradually we proceeded to main course we focused specifically on Indian curries hence, we ordered, Daal Maash Lahori and Amritsari Cholley served with Laccha Parantha and also Chilly paneer gravy with noodles just to add a zing of Chinese.  And now I was able to fathom the reason of the name as the curries were like I never had such tasty curries even in Hotels which claim authenticity, and was absolutely bowled over by this taste. I cannot stop  bragging about the amazing taste of every bite that was going in and the chewing of that delectable spices had such feeling of speechlessness.

Finally, having a big sweet tooth, I was desperate about the dessert section as we ordered, Rum flambe gulan jamun with vanilla ice cream, i.e. rum sprinkled gulab jamun which is burned with a flame torch to get that zest of it and served alongwith in house made ice cream also ordered the famous pine-apple Halwa, which again was off the charts, I was going crazy about this place.

It was perfect.

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Of-course How to forget the very chilled and refreshing Pink lady and orange and mango punch, both the drinks were really awesome.

Loved it like till eternity. 🙂



Review Credit: SAGAR

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