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OPPO’s latest smartphone has been launched in India and this time it’s a “Selfie Expert”. OPPO is known for its camera. It definitely gets a lot of credit for revolutionising the Selfie game. It was the first company to launch an automatic rotating rear camera which could be used for taking selfies !
This time they’ve stepped a notch up and armed the phone with a 16 Megapixel shooter. Now, the common Myth “More Megapixel means better pictures” has been decoded and proven by the iPhone’s and Samsung Galaxy S7’s 12 Megapixel shooters which are currently the best cameras on the market.


But in this case OPPO has given a 16 Megapixel FRONT CAMERA. Yes, you read it right, 16 Megapixels. You may believe that more Megapixels doesn’t mean better pictures, but you have to agree that more Megapixels means more detail. That’s exactly what OPPO has done. Your Selfies will now be much sharper and detailed and overall a much better picture. I had to put this camera to the test. So I decided to test it with the iPhone 6 and the Samsung A7.

Camera comparison with the iPhone 6 :


To be honest, this is my first time with an Oppo phone and I wasn’t expecting much at all. I won’t bore you much and I’d let you decide which one is the winner by looking at the following pictures :-

  1. Taken on Oppo F1s


2. Taken on Iphone 6


It’s pretty clear for me, OPPO has nailed it with this phone. Not a single Selfie has disappointed me. The front camera does a great job with any lighting condition you throw at it, be it natural light, artificial light or for that matter even low light. The F1s’ 16 MP shooter is a killer.

Camera comparison with the Samsung A7:

Moving on to the Samsung A7, I was impressed with the front facing camera pictures taken by the A7 at first. They looked sharp and clear, probably because of its display (Full HD 1080p) which is what Samsung is best at. But after taking the exact same picture with the F1s and putting them side by side, I could easily tell the difference. The one by Oppo was just so much more crisp. The photo was shouting clarity!

  1. Taken on Oppo F1s


2. Taken on Samsung A7


Not only is the front camera quality on point, but it also packs in some neat features like the beauty mode and the Selfie Panorama. Personally, I love the Selfie Panorama feature and found myself using it when I was with a group of friends. It essentially takes three pictures and stitches them. It captures a lot more than a normal selfie.

Then there’s a rear camera which is a 13 MP shooter with a 1/3.06 inch sensor. This basically means that your picture will be able to capture more light compared to previous generation cameras. My experience with the rear camera was not too bad, not to great either. The pictures would be great in good lighting conditions. Now this is notging special, this is a basic feature that every smartphone can pull off. In low light conditions, the camera would really struggle, and the picture would be grainy. Nonetheless, this is more focused on the front camera.

Some samples from the rear camera :

Artificial Lighting


Low Lighting


Natural Lighting


Moving on to the other features of the phone, the F1s sports a 5.5 inch 720p HD display, 3 gigs of RAM and 32 GB internal storage which can be expanded via a micro SD card upto 128gb. Battery capacity is 3075 mAh. A 0.22 second fast fingerprint scanner.

Didn’t understand much ? Well, let me simplify it for you. It means that you can have enough applications running in the background without worrying that your phone will lag and you have enough memory and can also use a memory card for more storage. All this with a full days worth battery and a laser fast fingerprint scanner.


On a serious note, the battery life of the phone is good and you can easily get a full day out if it. My typical usage during the day would be around 45 minutes of YouTube, about 40 minutes of calling, constant WhatsApp and web browsing. Oh and did I mention about an hour of Pokemon Go? All of this with 4hours 40 minutes of screen on time. That’s a good battery. The downside would be the charger. The phone takes way too long to charge compared to its competition.

The less talked about features of the phone :-

This phone has a bunch of useful software features that I really like and not many night know about it.
1. If you pull down the Notification bar, you can see the amount of mobile data used on that particular day!
2. It’s got a off screen gestures wherein you can draw a gesture on the screen while it’s switched off to trigger certain commands like the flashlight, camera, play, pause etc.
3. The fingerprint Scanner can be configured to open different applications for different fingers. Eg. Right Index finger for WhatsApp, left index finger for calls etc.


Verdict :- Oppo has done a great job with the F1s by bringing the price down to Rs. 17,990. The front camera is fabulous and for me personally, selfies will never look the same on any other phone! It’s that good. The only, the one flaw that I found in this phone is its display. It’s a 720p display and I’ve been using a 1080p Super Amoled display for the past 3 years, stepping down to a 720p display I could feel the difference. But nonetheless, if you are a Selfie Addict, this is THE PHONE for you. (under Rs. 20,000)


Review Credit:  Priyank Mody

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