L’Exclusif by Godrej Nature’s Basket – FBAI Review Box

Food Bloggers Association of India sent me this amazing Box full of L’exclusif goodies by Godrej which are only available at Godrej Nature’s Basket. Since, Nature’s Basket  has come up with a Mobile App, I exclusively use it to order my groceries – it’s extremely handy and I know for a fact that I’m going to order the L’exclusif range again. With that out of the way, let me tell you individually about the products I liked from the hamper I was sent.

L’Exclusif’s Nacho Cheez ‘N Herbz Tease was amazing. It wasn’t anything like the nachos you have at the movies. The flavour was mild yet good, the nachos were perfectly crunchy and light. The best part – these nachos have zero trans fat, zero cholesterol and if you have an allergy to gluten, don’t you worry because you can still eat these.

Godrej Nature’s Basket gourmet treats never fail to tickle my tastebuds and leave me craving for more. Next up, L’Exclusif’s BBQ Flavoured Roasted Cashewnuts. Even though there were not crunchy deep fried cashews like I prefer but the BBQ flavour was intriguing.

L’Exclusif medley of premium category of snacks are a perfect for guests. This hamper had everything. The contents could be enjoyed both with cocktails and tea!

What I particularly loved with my morning tea is L’Exclusif’s Dark Choco Chip Cookies. The cookies were soft and chewy, just how a butter American Choco Chip cookie should be.

L’Exclusif’s Peanut Bar Bites are a perfect accompaniment to a scotch on the rocks or even a simple cocktail created at home because these wasabi flavoured nuts seem to taste good with almost anything.

I can’t seem to stop my monsoon munching! Don’t you just love alliteration! 😉
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Nature’s Basket website: http://www.naturesbasket.co.in

Email: naturebasket@godrejnb.com

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