The Newest Home Delivery in Khar and Bandra, Mumbai- Sindhful!

Mumbai is said to be the melting pot of all cuisines and the opening of Sindhful has only strengthened this phrase. Being half Sindhi and half Sardarni , although I’ve been exposed to lots of Sindhi food at my grandparents house, the food prepared at home has always been predominantly Punjabi.
For years I have craved that delicious breakfast of Dal Pakwan, a lunch of sindhi mutton and the absolutely amazing dessert ‘Singhar’.
The opening of Sindhful in Khar has pacified all my Sindhi food cravings. Hats off to Chef Kanchan and Sannat Ahuja for doing such a great job!

Chef Kanchan & Sannat Ahuja
My order from Sindhful came with Dal Pakwan, Chicken Kheema Pattice, Mutton Kofta and a Chocolate Crackle Fudge.
The first thing I would like to commend Sindhful for is their portions!
They’re huge! They definitely give you a run for your money!
The first thing I pounced at was the Dal Pakwan. It came with neatly cut pieces of pakwan and 2 chutneys along with Dal.

Just like the Sindhis enjoy it!
A absolutely loved the crisp pakwan that didn’t feel over greasy and definitely didn’t leave my hands with oil blots.
The Dal coupled with the Chutneys was the perfect accompaniment.

The Chicken Kheema Tikki came with Tikkis, A kheema by the side as well as some pao’s. Making a little Sindhi burger with all of these resulted in an absolutely amazing appetizer!
The kheema was well cooked and flavourful and the Tikki was perfectly stuffed and a hundred percent delicious.

The mutton kofta in kheema was definitely one of my favourites. The mutton was perfectly cooked, not to soft and lost in overpowering masala’s and yet not too chewy. This eaten with soft pao definitely made my dinner!

My dinner ended with some delicious fudge which immediately reminded me of the famous Lonavala fudge we all binge on when at the Hill Station.
In fact, Sindhful gave it a twist and a crackling one! No I mean literally, the fudge had caramel crackles to add a crunch to the smooth and decadent chocolate fudge.

I have never been more excited about the opening of a home delivery in my area. A good Sindhi restaurant was long due in Mumbai, let alone Bandra and Khar!

Review Credit:  Sanskaara Lalwani 

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