Can I find K.C. Das rosogullas in Delhi? In Mumbai? In Chennai?

The exotic flavors of India gives you a feeling of home away from home. It brings regional delicacies from iconic brands right at your fingertips through a well designed website. The options range from sweets, namkeen, bakery, health food and much more.


Many of the items created a feeling of nostalgia for me. Having grown up in the north east, we used to travel through Kolkata (Calcutta of old!) very often and it was a family thing to have breakfast and flurry’s and end it with rosogullas from K.C. Das.

As many who have eaten as K.C. Das would know that it is almost impossible to get this flavor anywhere else, so on a day when I have craving for a K.C. Das rosogulla I started surfing the net and I found that serves rosogulla’s from K.C. Das right at your doorstep and so obviously I ordered them.


All the while after I ordered, I kept thinking that it might not be the same quality but when the tin arrived and I had the first rosogulla, it brought back all the memories.


The quality was great and it was fresh as if packed very recently. As I became a regular on the website, I can say this with surety that the quality of food items is great and one seldom gets a chance to complain – I haven’t had any one yet.

For delivery at your doorstep, the website has tied up with blue dart and that ensures on-time delivery almost all the time depending on where you are in the country. The website also offers a range of international products like Iran’s best pistachios and Ceylon tea to name a few.

The owners started this as they felt that food brought back a lot of memories from childhood and in today’s world where a majority is working in a big city far from where they grew up, there was a pressing need for a website like the

There is no compromise on quality and the food items are competitively priced. So the next time you miss home just go on to and order your favorite food item, have it delivered to your doorstep and relish all the memories it brings back.

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