Phase-II of Saffola Masala Oats – The Food truck challenge

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In the first phase all began with the launch of Chef Kunal kapur Choice range witnessing top bloggers flying in from across the nation, six winners qualified for the final and last leg of this culinary extravaganza- the Food Truck Challenge.Fought between Chef Saransh leading the Chinese Food Truck and Chef Shipra mentoring her Italian food brigade, both the teams presented some unthinkable chatpata snack dishes loaded with the goodness of oats. Saransh prepared ‘Taco Oats’ which was devoured by Chinese food lovers. On the other hand ‘A Nutty Affair’, Shipra’s special became a super hit among Italian food enthusiasts.

“It was an amazing experience with all the team members and our team Chef Saransh. He was all supportive and full of enthusiasm which means a lot to us. Running a food truck was not at all easy task but we had done it. We made three dishes from oats…

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