Yummy in your tummy – Healthy, delicious food now served at your train berth

rail yatriLet me explain to you a three step process to make your life as a traveler much more simpler than before.

Step 1- Pick up your phone.

Step 2 – Download “RailYatri” app on your Android or iOS devices.

Step 3 – Chill.

Yes! It’s as simple as that.

Ok, let me tell you more about this absolutely amazing app that is headed out to make history! RailYatri is a travel app that has all the information pertaining to Indian Railways, from checking your PNR status to checking the status of your train that is running, train schedules, important trains between two stations, and now they also have an option to request a premium meal at your seat berth! How cool is that! Imagine eating hot hot butter chicken with kulcha while enjoying the beautiful view by your train seat and sharing your happiness with other passengers in the train. Isn’t this the most blissful thing you could imagine to do? Of course it is! Thanks to RailYatri, this is not a mere imagination anymore. This is a special feature of the app and is now trending among increasing travelers in the country. No more of carrying tiffins in the train for which you have to wake up early in the morning to cook and then finally end up eating cold, stale food in the train. And sometimes when our heart’s desire is not met we tend to eat the local, unhygienic food that is god knows how old and made of what kind of ingredients. India is going to have a revolutionized outlook with these kind of services and we should all stand united for it. More and more people should encourage them to do the good work and share their experiences with the world. This way, our country’s development is also promised.

What are you waiting for? Go to your PlayStore or App store and download this wonderful application right away.

Here are a few links to help you get started. Please do check it out

PNR status : http://www.railyatri.in/pnr-status/

Train running status: http://www.railyatri.in/llive-train-status.

Premium meals: http://www.railyatri.in/premium-meal

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