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Fresh Pancakes with Diced Mango Syrup

Breakfast can be one of the more mundane things in daily life. Planning, preparing for breakfast can be a chore when one just wants to have something nutritious and tasty and start the day.

Homestyle Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Pickled Onions

Joocy is a brand new food startup that helps you take the away the tedium from breakfast by coming up with a nutritious and flavorful menu to choose from.

I ordered a Southwest breakfast burrito, pancakes, a Nutella rollup and a fruit bowl. The burrito was really good although at first I thought it might be too heavy considering all the stuffing. Surprisingly, it kept me full enough without making me sluggish.

The pancakes were another darn good item and a must try especially with all the accompaniments that come with it.

The roll up was asimple but could have wowed me more if it was packed with more sinful things, making it more of an indulgence, like a brekkie dessert.

Overall though, it’s a delicious, honest attempt at solving the morning conundrum of what to eat, so more power to Joocy!

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