Aanch holds an exclusive preview of the Terrific 25 Menu..!!

Aanch recently held a bloggers meet for a preview of their Terrific 25 menu, which is going to be available for the public from 1st of August.

Aanch is otherwise a very successfully running restaurant splurged across the 4th floor of shoppers stop mall in Rajouri Garden, but innovation and adding new items to the menu is always a task that a restaurant undertakes to surprise their customers and retain them.

The menu as I said was terrific 25 which meant 25 new dishes, and gosh, it really meant something to try them all. Nevertheless, we bloggers always look forward to it 🙂


Veggie Virgin Mary, Tulsi &Melon Fantasy, Virgin Orange Caprioska and Very Berry Slush, were some of the mocktails that we tried. These all were twisted and tweaked versions of the popular cocktails, the presentations were awesome, but some improvement in terms of balancing the tastes are needed. I personally liked the Veggie Virgin Mary a lot, though it too was a little spicy, but I think the sure shot winner was the Very Berry Slush, which was universally liked by one and all.


It was almost like being flooded with starters, one after the other but it was really a great fun tasting them. There were both vegetarian and non vegetarian starters, but the benefit of being a non-vegetarian is that you  can try all the variety.

To begin with there were soups, Mushroom Cappuccino and Chicken Tom Yum and both of them were good.

It was followed by Mahabali Paneer Tikka, Roti pe Boti, Shahi Be Mahi and Gabbar Ke Sholey. Paneer Tikka was like the usual Paneer Tikka but slightly more spiced, Roti pe Boti was a way of presenting a big chunk of galauti kebab on a khasta mathi and it was really nice. Shahi be Mahi was fish malai tikka and undoubtedly one of the best starters of the day. Gabbar ke sholey were bread rolls stuffed with cottage cheese which looked like small hand grenades and were really good to taste.

Next up was Galauti Golgappe, Lemon Grass Mushrooms, Tawa ka Burrah and Chooza Murg. The mushrooms were the best of the lot, they had a fine cottage cheese filling in them which made them little unusual and innovative as a dish. The galauti golgappe need some improvement in terms of making them more juicy. Tara ka Burrah and Chooza Murg were both good.

Banana Chik, Manago Chicken, Chilly Chicken Pao and Veg Quesadillas were next, I didn’t like the banana chik much, but the other stuff was great, especially the mango chicken.

Now coming to the main course, though we were already too full, but still looking forward to it. The main course began with serving of Haleem. I had never tasted it before in my life and I quite liked it, and also the soft bread that it was served with. Moving on, it was Balti Murg, Makhanwala Chicken, Creamy Ghosht, Dal Makhani and Paneer Pasanda. All the things were good barring the makhanwala chicken, I found it to be a little too on the sweeter side.


Reserving the best for end, we were served coconut cigars with vanilla ice-cream, and they tasted awesome. Especially the cigars were crisp and crunchy on the outside and inside they had the tended coconut taste, dipping them in vanilla ice cream and having them like that was quite a fun.

The staff at Aanch was very very hospitable and attentive, even the magament took keen interests in all the bloggers, and the owner Mr.Bhalla attended to each one of the tables and personally took feedback from one and all and were very open to incorporate and improvise things basis our feedback.

It was a great afternoon spent with blogger friends enjoying scrumptious meal and I look forward to visiting the place again very soon.

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