Paintstorm lashes the Island City..

Amidst the hustle bustle of the city, when the monsoon was making its presence felt
through light drizzle and painting the skylines with countless shades of grey, a storm of
creativity was brewing up in the brightly lit corners of The White Owl.


Hosted by 4 fabulous personas from various backgrounds, the storm brought out the best
from every art lover who attended the evening. Paintstorm is an Art-night concept and
it was conceived, nursed and nurtured by Viren,Aanchal,Sanjana&Prerna.



It’s an art night concept that’s poised to add a stroke of soothing blue to the stressful lives of ‘The Corporate Knights’ and inspire them to bring out the artist within and erase
the signs of rain blues.
Thursday night would have been was no different if it one had seen it through a
common man’s lens. The flickering signal lights, light drizzle, never-ending traffic and
expressionless masks which the masses donned.
But at the White owl,Paintstorm was busy reincarnating Leonardo da Vinci,Salvador
Dali,Vincent van Gogh through a bunch of young guests’ canvases.
These art eccentrics transformed the mood of damp dusk to a dawn of rising talents through.

The guests were provided with the required art material consisting of a brush set, canvas, an easel stand and color palette their countless strokes of RGB & CMYK.
The art eccentrics were guided step-by-step to fine tune their masterpieces and scrumptious starters, brain stirring cocktails fuelled their creative juices to bring the best out of their canvas.
As the skies grew darker and the night more interesting, each one’s canvas had a tale to tell about their imagination.
There was an air of fun, creativity, and amazement. Paintstorm concluded the evening on an inspirational note where it got like-minded individuals to together to paint, drink, eat, and be merry.

So, the next time you are in the Island City of Mumbai and wish to evoke the spirits of Art
legends, Paintstorm is your Art Master. And no art experience is required.

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