Introducing the brand new ALCOHOL INFUSED MENU @ “The Hungry Monkey”

The Hungry Monkey @ Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi has reorganized the culinary skills and representation in the foodie world. The experimentation by Sameer Kohli and Rohan Gupta (also founders of Tabula Beach& Arriba-Mexican Grill & Tequileria) has always been the first to explore innovations and ideas. This summer,  both these great minds have come up with something completely off the charts and very eccentric yet exquisite to gorge on. Also don’t forget to have your favorite Music with your  favorite and concomitantly different palate awaits your appetite.

Also since the new dishes are in the room hence comes with something new to the menu therefore, this summer The Hungry Monkey brings an infusion of spirits in some of the favourite dishes present here. A variety of procured ingredients infused with different types of alcohol creates a great zest such as the Tequila Infused Sriracha&Mirin Tofu, Sambuca Torched Feta & Prawn Saganaki, Rice Wine Sambal Chicken Skewers, Red Wine Linguini with Dashi Cream and Ricotta, Sambucca and Chardonnay Charred chicken casserole or our famous Whisky Burger with smoked ancho chili, whiskey infused grilled tenderloin patty with maple glazed bacon bits. End your night with the Bailey’s Cookie Cream Parfait. The brand new menuboasts of a plethora of dishes to satiate your taste buds.

No menu or plate is full until it has the essence of refreshing cocktails and drinks to it as a complimenting factor. The equilibrium is all set up by the most amazing taste made up from different condiments and alcohol combined and concocted together. The Martini Bar at the Hungry Monkey helps the patrons to stay cool  and rejuvenated every second. Being a bunch who like to innovate they have come up with some great martinis with creative combinations like the Chili & raw Mango Martini, the Watermelon, Coriander & Togarashi Martini, the Gondharaj Lemon and Honey Martini and our best looking one, The Purple Dragon Martini – Vodka, Blue Curacao, Cranberry juice, Pineapple and sweet and sour. Apart from the Martinis don’t forget to try some of our award winning cocktails, like the Dusk till Dawn, The Fog-Light or the immensely popular Barrel Aged Old Fashioned.

A little peak into the delectable world of infusion:




Review Credit:  SAGAR 

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