Wearing BIBA is the answer to my ‘Darzi’ problems!

I usually never wear Kurtas because who would go through the hassle of going to a tailor, selecting fabric, letting them measure you and then waiting patiently for days for them to finish your outfit. And might I remind you, there are follow up calls, “bhaiya! kab hoga mera suit ready? please jaldi de dijiye mujhe shaadi mein jaana hai.” The whole drill is so exhausting. Enter BIBA.
Biba is the solution to my problems because they understand a woman’s body so perfectly. If I get a suit in my size it “fits like a glove” and it feels just right. Not to forget it looks beautiful.
The best part is that the material they use to make their clothes is extremely comfortable. There are many other companies that do kurtas but there is a reason why Biba stands out. If you want to pick a brand for kurta for women, pick Biba. It is excellent, their designs are inspired and their fit is spot on.
The wardrobe of an Indian woman is incomplete without feminine kurtas, anarkali suits, designer kurtas and tops that can be worn on special occasions as well as any other day of the year and BIBA’s impressive collection of kurtas for women encompasses a wide gamut of styles that are sure to keep you asking for more!
What I love the most are their day-wear kurtas that complement your favorite pair of jeans perfectly. I like Biba’s kurta for women because they add a little glamour to my regular office wear. By wearing a white kurta with a blend of floral buti and bandhani print I can’t stand out from the crowd.
BIBA’s chic designs and exquisite prints are surely my favourites. They keep changing their wardrobe from time to time and you will always have something special to wear and to gift. You won’t believe how many kurtas I’ve gifted my mother ever since Biba came into existence.
What I’m shopping for now is their latest range of kurtas from their Spring-Summer Collection that boasts an array of brilliant colours, classy fits, innovative prints, and superior materials – a true ode to spring-summer fashion.


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2 thoughts on “Wearing BIBA is the answer to my ‘Darzi’ problems!

  1. Although these designs are stunning, it is and always will be a luxury to have clothing stitched just for you. This is something not possible in the West. Treasure and support your tailors. They are a dying breed.

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