Peru – the haven of Gastronomy

The word fusion holds perfect sense for the Peruvian Cuisine – with influences from the indigenous population and cuisines from Europe, Asia and West Africa. Traditional recipes were modified for lack of familiar ingredients and a new cuisine took shape. Described as one of the world’s most important cuisines & an exemplar of fusion cuisine by food critics, Peruvian cuisine has something for everyone and no doubt Peru is becoming the gastronomic capital of the world.


Bringing in galores to the eminent food culture in PeruCentral, Maido and Astrid & Gaston – the three restaurants with distinctive qualities -have made it to the Best 50 Restaurants in the world, produced bu British magazine Restaurant.

Central (Lima) – owned by Chef Virgilio Martinez of the Michelin Star famed Lima London (London) – boasts of the handpicked ingredients by the team of Martinez. With a promise of a culinary expedition from Amazon to Pacific Coast, it is rightly known as the gastronomic expedition of altitude and ecosystem of Peru – the sole reason for the restaurant maintaining the top spot for 2 consecutive years.

Ms. Magali Silva, the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism expressed her happiness by stating “Central highlights the diversity of Peruvian ecosystems with its proposal called Mater Initiative with which Martinez travels the country in search of ingredients below sea level and up to 4,100 meters of altitude, on the Andes”.


Maido – Holding the fort at position 13 (from 44) is Maido and Chef Mitsuharu Tsumura is the one to give credit to. A perfect blend of Japanese and Peruvian cuisines, the Nikkei menu has unique Peruvian vision and distinct Japanese flavors. The unique cooking styles and rare ingredients used at Maido have helped secure the position in the best restaurants of the world. During the best culinary experience of a 17 course tasting menu – patrons get to see a combination of impeccable Japanese detail with the flora and fauna of Peru.


On obtaining such a high jump, Magali Silva, the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism expressed that, “Maido on the other hand emphasizes the convergence between Peru and Japan, with more than 100 years of history, to which the nikkei chef Mitsuharu Sumura adds a protagonical rol to Amazonian ingredients”.


Astrid & Gaston – is the brain child of Chef Gaston Acurio. A grand treat is expressed perfectly through the 16 courses embellished by aesthetic decor, soothing music, fashion and traditional tableware. Treat yourself with Tiradito and Cebiche from the Andes or indulge in the spicy roasted ribs or the excellent noble robado fish served in miso sauce with crunchy oysters.


Magali Silva, the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism has rightly said,” The election of our restaurants among the best in the world confirms the good moment that Peruvian cuisine is going through. We agree with the organizers, who mentioned it is a pride for South America to have five restaurants”.

A culmination of Peru’s rich history, tradition and culture, Peruvian Cuisine is founded on the country’s geography, a pre-Hispanic culture and the continuous contribution of immigrants.

For four consecutive years the country itself has won in four opportunities, the title of World’s Leading Culinary destination in the World Travel Awards (WTA), which serves tto acknowledge, rewards and celebrate excellence across all sectors of the global travel and tourism industry.

images courtesy PROMPERU

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