Bunmanchi! The bar at Yeti.


IMG_4387We have been all too familiar with ‘Yeti’, the prime place to be for the best Tibetan, Nepalese and Himalayan cuisine has a brand-new bar called ‘Bunmanchi’.

With the growing obsession of upcoming restaurants with quirky themes and interiors, Bunmanchi is a breath of fresh air. It has preserved its basic style and woody furniture which lends it a warm welcoming touch.

The unique part about Bunmanchi is, it spreads over the terrace with large high wooden chair and benches that are interestingly very comfortable.

The bar floor and the terrace have a huge screen installed towards the extreme corner which was showing the tennis match for all the sports enthusiasts.
The terrace is very romantic with a little weather on your side, it is peaceful, calm and relaxing but there are ample fans and coolers to your rescue.

Live DJ plays upbeat pop music and since it was a little warm, we sat downstairs. The connecting staircase is well spaced and the walls are all wood covered, you can actually get a woody sauna smell when passing from there. As you enter the Bar area, right in front is the well lit logo of Bunmanchi engraved on the wall. “In Nepali, ‘Bunmanchi’ refers to jungle men.

Tenzin Sonam & Ardahun Pinki Passah, owners, Bunmanchi, tells us about the bar. Tenzin is the brain behind all the interiors and woodwork at Bunmanchi and the bright starry eyed ‘Pinki’ makes us at ease and suggested the cocktail to begin the wednesday evening with. Her energy and smile is so infectious, she very patiently talks to us and answers all our questions. Psst! The duo is set to tie the knot this January and they look so cute together.

Opened up a few months ago, the bar menu offers a myriad variety of drinks and cocktails to choose from. From different brands of wines, beers, whiskeys, vodkas, gins and rums. Their menu also has a range of malts, scotch and shooters. This is one bar that will look after you really well. The bartender is smart and makes some really nice classic cocktails.

With a limited one page menu for food, comprising basically of snacks that are ideal with hard drinks. The food is of Yeti, spicy and delicious to the core!

Bunmanchi keeps things classy and highly uncomplicated. This is one place you would want to sit back and relax. Get high on food, music and some cocktails.


Address: Bunmanchi, third floor above Yeti, Greater Kailash 2 M-block market. New Delhi – 110048

A well-stocked bar, good music and great company is all you need to have a good time here.



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