Gurgaon gets अन्न Censored !

When Ann Censored, Mumbai opened about a month back – the sheer grandeur of the place and the drool worthy menu made me wait for the day when Ann Censored would open in Gurgaon. And when it did, it was sheer luck that the invite to review it landed in my plate. Elated!

The name itself is intriguing – अन्न (Sanskrit) translates to food. The other part of the name comes from the fact that they have Censored and AnnCensored versions of most dishes. The Censored dishes retain the authenticity of the traditional world cuisine, the AnnCensored ones are an amalgamation of fusion, skill and presentation. The place is aptly located in the ever swarming Sector 29 market of Gurgaon, décor being welcoming & simple. Split into two floors the restaurant houses ample seating space.

pic courtesy – AnnCensored

At the special preview we saw almost 20 dishes land at our table – soups, salads, small plates, mains and desserts made the rounds. Some touched the heart, while others could have been a little different.

beetroot tikki chaat

Highly recommended appetizers are Butter Chicken Croquettas with makhni mayo, mint chutney & chicken bomba – pulled chicken, jalapeno, corn & paprika croquettas. Both the dishes are exemplary, and it wouldn’t be fair to have one and not the other.

Tawa Braised Masala Pork with Bbq Pineapple Glaze and Apple Salad

Butter Chicken Croquettas with makhni mayo, mint chutney

Mushroom Tea, Mushroom and Ricotta Dumpling & Mushroom Consume with Hazelnut Foam

The mains offer a wider range of delicacies – Ratatouille stuffed baby baingan with lababdar gravy, peanut and anar dana churma is one thing you should never miss here. I kind of hate eggplant, but I felt obligated to devour multiple servings of this one. Mutton shank – berry pulao is as much a treat to the eyes as it is to the palate – perfectly cooked mutton shanks, falling off the bone with the slightest touch and a flavorful berry pulaothis one is going to be a hit, I am sure. Butter confit vegetables with grilled paneer and truffle oil was full of flavors and very much appreciated by hard core non vegetarians like me.

mutton shank – berry pulao

Ratatouille stuffed baby baingan with lababdar gravy, peanut and anar dana churma

pork belly

AnnCensored beverage menu is idiosyncratic. Sip on some classics redefined – Route 69, which is AnnCensored’s take on Whisky sour or Gold Digger which is a version of Cuba Libre. Pulseerate is a gem, providing the much needed refreshment – the concoction of vodka, raw mango and ginger in the perfect proportions creates a lovely beverage. Then there are Tiki Cocktails – with those lovely Tiki glasses – reflecting the contemporary way of making cocktails. Pirates look at 40 is a wonderful drink, and those Tiki glasses just add to the swag!

pirates look at 40

You know that you had a great meal when you are given a glimpse of an amazing creation Chocolate Rum Ball Flambé, which is flambeed before serving. The perfectly made Lemon Bhappa Doi plays with your taste buds giving out hints of the sugary lemony delights. The Orange Cheese Cake has an amazing mix of flavor, but lacking the customary base, it is more of a mousse.

orange cheesecake

Fact Sheet

Sector 29 Market, Gurgaon
Timings – 12 noon to 01:00 AM

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