Canvas Laugh Club – Laughter Unlimited

The ever happening Cyber Hub at Gurgaon just became more fun, the box office at People & Co. Is a fantastic place to be on any day of the week.

Elite ambience, polished staff and a great, yet simple decor separates this place from the crowded cyber hub. 

Established by the curators of the first ever Comedy Club in the country almost six years ago “Canvas Laugh Club” at Mumbai, the place is designed to offer many added experiences including a Restaurant, Bar with Live Music, Theatre and much more under one roof. 

You The open bar called “Public” is yet to start serving liquor but still one can just visit this place to forget all about the day’s work and to find yourself laughing your A** off! They do make amazing LIIT though (special on launch night, bar license is in its way)

The Canvas laugh club houses the best of the best stand up comedians from around the country. Comedians such as Atul Khatri, Jeeveshu, Aditi Mittal and my favourite Abish Matthews are few of the names to watch out for.
The humour is for the mature and not for the week hearted, and if you want to have an adventure try to be seated at the first row, may be you might land up being a part of one of the many hilarious jokes being cracked. 
The restaurant called “Plate” serves a mix of Indian and continental with some variants of oriental cuisine too. My favourites being

 – The Arabian Chicken – juicy, rich and full of flavours. Perfectly cooked chicken in a not so thick gravy just melts in the mouth 

– Thai curry – the time has gone when only a few in Delhi had mastered this simple dish, the curry is a must try at this joint

 – the Baked Gulab Jamun was actually the show stopper. 
Overall a fantastic place to actually chill out and a must visit. They offer 2 shows Starting 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM and 9:30 PM onwards. 
Caution – please don’t attempt taking your parents unless they are really really cool.

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