5 Reasons to Watch Puneri Paltan matches in Mumbai @NSCI

Who thought Kabaddi matched can be this much fun! Ever since the inception of the Pro Kabaddi league, the latest National passion has been Kabaddi.

Every Kabaddi lover must catch the match LIVE without missing even a single second of the action. Here are 5 Reasons to catch the Kabaddi action LIVE:

1) The Vibe at the Stadium


Ever since I watched the first match I have been in love with energy and the magnetic vibe at these matches. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience. The cheering, the echoes of happy Kabaddi worshippers is a magical experience. Be at one of the matches to truly feel the vibe at the Stadium.

2) Meet Like Minded People


Such matches are always a nice place to meet people who like what you like and enjoy what you enjoy. While cheering for the Puneri lions and fans screaming the ‘Gheun Taak’, celebrate with people who are doing exactly what you are and join the wave of these new Kabaddi fans.

3) It’s LIVE


You can watch all the matches on TV but what a LIVE match would leave you with no TV streaming can! No lag, its all LIVE! Watching your favourite heroes prove their mettle on the mat, up close is truly exciting. Roar, scream and feel all the emotions LIVE!

4) Ah the Merchandise! 


At the stadium find a stall full of Puneri merchandise and raid your way there! Be ready to blow your brains out over the uber cool merchandise like Puneri jersey, badges, bags, bands, caps and a lot more. Get them all and support your team like never before!

5) Be proud of your team


Watch the team flags unfurling around the stadium and be proud of what you’re experiencing. Be proud to be a part of the Puneri Paltan.

For the home leg matches from 25th – 28th June, 2016 there’s a 10% off on the tickets, especially for the Paltan Lovers. So come & join me @ the stadium!

Gear up for Season 4, buy your tickets and watch every Puneri Paltan match LIVE to feel the power of the lions! See you there!

Tickets available @ kyazoonga.com

Picture Credit: Puneri Paltan

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