4 Simple After Work Wedding Party Hairdos

I am a huge fan of Indian wedding and I have a large family and loads of friends so I find myself attending a wedding every other week. I can’t afford to have the same hairdo at every wedding because when you know you are going to run into the same bunch of people again and again you can’t dare to dress monotonously. I am surrounded by friends who love to dress up and do their hair and makeup. They usually visit a salon because that according to them is the easiest way to look good.

1. Wavy A-Line Hairstyle With A Bouffant


This is a really cool style and is extremely simple to make. If I want a more weddingy look, I wear a maang tika over the buoffant. This makes the hair look almost 10 times more voluminous. I have good hair but this makes my hair look like a movie star’s hair. I love this style!

2. Curly Bun with Large Flower


If you are wearing a sari in a light colour, pair it with a large white flower and a curly bun and you would completely stand out. This “Bipasha Basu” type look will ensure that all eyes are on you. Even the bride’s!

3. Bridal Hairstyles with a Maang-Tika


Backswept hair look naturally stylish and can be paired with a chiffon sari. This involves a lot of back combing but it is totally worth it. You can also have a few strings of hair hanging out like in the old Bollywood movies. This bridal hairstyle with a maang tika looks phenomeal when done right!

4. Wonderful Wild Waves


Wavy hair never goes out of style. I have been blessed with wavy hair so I barely ever use the curling iron but if you have straight hair, use some serum and mousse to lock your style for the entire evening.

I have been to so many weddings straight from work that I know that the above hairdos won’t take much time and they definitely won’t make you look boring.

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