5 Things You Didn’t Know Could Save Your Life

I try and eat healthy all the time but it can be quite a chore. I watched a show about how ghee, egg yellows and butter are all good for you NOW. Isn’t it confusing when some researches say eat ghee and some say don’t. I am forever confused what to put in my mouth.

I did some research of my own and realised I can’t know about the benefits and hazards of everything I eat but I can show you some pointers about what one should definitely eat to live a long healthy life.



I am not a huge fan of chocolate in my ice cream or a chocolate cake but I love chocolate on its own. I like dark chocolate and I adore milk chocolate. This study that I read about says dark chocolate can reduce the risk of heart attacks and protect our body from blood clots that can be fatal. Isn’t that great? I read this in a British Medical Journal study and I know that surely is a reliable source. So, off I go to get myself some “Vivani 92%”.



Alzheimer’s disease has always been terrifying to me because I have seen people close to me reach a very pitiable state due to it. Salmon interests me very much because eating fish once a week is beneficial in many ways and people who eat fish are 70% less likely to suffer from the A disease.


Garlic Cloves

Garlic helps in combating cancer and is great for immunity. To add to that it tastes wonderful! So, add garlic to your daily meals and enjoy a healthy life.



Cranberries have antioxidants and they have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities. The best part is that they are immune-boosting. They are full of phytonutrients that combat cancer.

Coffee Bean


Flavonoids in coffee may prevent heart diseases and if you are a coffee drinker like I am, know that you are getting a lot of good antioxidants too.

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