World on a Plate

Bengaluru, 4th June, 2016. “”World on a plate”” international food festival held in the JW Marriott in collaboration with UB city.



MasterChef Australia doesn’t need any introduction & World on a Plate brought all the foodies to a spectacular platform to experience the masterclass with fabulous Masterchef Australia Judges.

The World on a plate on 4th June showcased MasterChef Australia Judge George Calombaris. An exciting and breathtaking ambiance comprising of the masterclass in a modular kitchen. George taught his tips and tricks, his travelling experience and that he is grateful to be back in India.



This event was organised by Godrej’s Cuisine Regale, representing the premium lifestyle modular kitchen gallery brand.Cuisine Regale is built on anthropometric, ergonomics and the consumers cooking styles. An adding to the spectacular aroma was the expert guidance from George Calombaris.

The Master class with George Calombaris was lined up with Gary Mehigan and Matt Preston masterclass,brought together in World on a plate, making it a memorable weekend for the bangalorians.

The weekend was a roller coaster for the food lovers in bangalore with lively and pleasant music and entertainment. This event brought together the best foodies, best restaurants, best new ventures, Food trucks and yummy Tummy’s.

One aspect captured the big and small food chain, self made restaurants like SodaBottleOpenerWala, The Stoner, Smally’s. “SALT” a new venture by a known chef Balaji Balachandra and “”Lavonne”” putting their efforts in front of the world, being an academy of baking science and pastry arts added the stars to the event.

Other aspect for the foodies was seen with the food trucks : Road Kill -> known for their chicken, pork, beef creations
The Bite Club -> depicting the symbol shark, that travel all around the world.

Few other attractions included the Mad Arter Store, Stone rings, The live Portrait stalls. IMG_20160604_171024IMG_20160604_171002


The event arena was decorated with Wind Fans, showing the freedom that food bring in our lives, that brought together the Family and friends, the strangers, the new ventures all together to enjoy and share the love of food.

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