Ek Bar Summer Cocktails

Ek Bar, for me is the best cocktail bar. I go crazy each time I am here, and all my promises to not drink, since I have to drive, go for a toss. Thanks to the partner who is always there to handle to wheel, when I am still enjoying the goodness of the cocktails (yeah, in my mind). Murrabba Muel is a constant on the menu for me – and the new additions each time just take the level a notch higher. With everything in the menu developed around a story, it’s an experience to read/hear about them and enjoy the beauties at the same time.

During my first visit (read it here), I became a fan of the cocktails & the food alike – and my second visit (read it here) made me fall in love all over again!

The new summer cocktails specials at Ek Bar seem to continue the trend and are intriguing – be it the Ek Bar Kanjibeetroot kanji, tequila, pickled beet root and in-house kanji shrub or the Bela Panna – made of bel (wood apple), rum, grapefruit sherbet. Kala Amritsari sounds interesting with plum variety kala Amritsari, whisky plum julep, bitter dehydrated plum & Phhol Bagan Fizz promises to take you through the aromatic journey through the biggest flower bazar of Kolkata – a concoction of mogra infused gin, lime, sugar among others.

pic courtesy – Ek Bar

This is a summer delight that is not to be missed. Paired with the amazing food menu curated by Chef Sujan S and Chef Pujan S, Ek Bar is one stop destination for food aficionados. The best part is that most of the ingredients used in the kitchen and the bar are home made (not the alcohol of course!) and that is the USP which brings out the best flavours.

Ek Bar, D -17, First Floor, Defence Colony, New Delhi – 110024 
Contact Number: 011- 416 88811

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