Review: Bong Appetite, Qutab Institutional Area

Once in a while we stumble across places which starting from the word go, hits on the right places – Bong Appetite is one such place. The recently shifted Bengali restaurant is now quaintly located in Qutub Institutional area. The new location flaunts a larger space with a complete bar. This is a no frills place with 7+ tables and stands in the category of a cafe. My favorite corner of the restaurant is adorned by a decorated tree.



Captained by Chef Baron, as he likes to be addressed, he is sole anchor to this ship. He cooks, helps you with the order and is on the table for feedback as well. With a couple of helping hands, he is doing a great job in keeping the bong food market up in NCR. A self taught cook, he dishes out some delectable dishes – some right as you want them – authentic and some with his fusion.

We tried the Green Mango Zinger & Ginger Genie from the bar menu which are good renditions of some basic cocktails – vodka with spiced green mango & gin with ginger ale. The spiced green mango syrup is home made and you can feel it. While you are here, you must have a go at the Paramount style Tender Coconut – it is a bliss – chilled tender coconut water with the malai as we call it.

paramount style tender coconut

Our feast began with a Crab Malai Curry served with steamed rice – availability of fresh crabs in this region was a challenge, but that is being overcome now. The curry was succulent, a bit more hotness would have did wonders, balancing the sweetness of the dish. Golda Chingri Paturi was the chef’s version of the dish usually with fish and we just loved it. Mutton Rezala paired with Kolkata Laccha Parantha fares well on the curry, but the mutton was a little undercooked.

crab malai curry

golda chinguri paturi

mutton rezala

On the vegetarian front, we had Cholar Dal, Potoler Dolma and Aloor Dom to field with luchi and kochuri. Each item had the perfect balance that you would expect – the right amount of sweetness and spiciness. We loved the potoler dolma with chena stuffing and somebody who avoids from potol (parval) turned!

potoler dolma


For desserts we had the Mango Patishapta – chef’s take on the favorite dessert and nolen gur ice cream. Well, patishapta was great, but the homemade noler gur ice cream stole the show. Served with an extra portion of the beauty called nolen gur, it is a gem. Just loved it.

mango pati-shapta

nolen-gur ice cream

Overall, Chef Baron has provided the means of enjoying a lovely bong meal, just out of his love for cooking. I would surely recommend Bong Appetite for satiating your bong food cravings.


C-8, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi
Open 12 PM to 11 PM; Monday closed.

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