Review “Audi Garage party”

Well, one of the most reputed and also one of the leading German automobile brand had a very eccentric thought of making the people be acquainted about their product and most promisingly about their services and hospitality.

And with due pleasure it was a delight to experience as to how this German marvel works as the machines manufactured and running on road are evidentially the live proof of their devoted dedication and excellence with pure perfection.

1st was a tiny glimpse of how exactly a car is bought into the garage for repair or services, then the new Audi A3, was explained by exemplifying different parts and different modes of techniques and renditions being executed onto every car and the level of time and energy given to every car as per the priority list substantiates so.

The machine was properly explained with every diminutive detail as, from firmness of break pads to the right amount of coolent and engine oil consistency, it was an imperative part to know that how productively and unbelievably the mechanics of Audi knows every car like their own body. the knowledge they possessed was unimaginable.

Further we were taken into the garage where all the repair work is done, and a tour  of the entire garage was given, by explaining the entirety of Audi’s Modus Operandi regarding there cars and the respective services.

Then came the 3 section part, where the break pads, suspension and alignment which is the balancing is tested, and each of  this test of thorough and without any discrepancies as taking measures of 100% safety and precautions at every step and for  future convenience for the customer and for the dealer as well.

All these factors are tested on a particular machine that explains the numerically tested values  and that what  does the car lacks at that preset moment. It was really amazing to adjudge all that in one go. Eventually we came  to the section of spare parts and then the legendary engine was seen, progressively I adjudged the process of painting the Audi machines and then finally the repair shop with all the body repair is done, it was not only great but an automobile enthusiast like me, it was divine  to  see all of this at one go all together and when all this was not enough the fun was doubled as they had a little Q&A trivia round which was pretty interesting.

In totality all I can say is that I enjoyed every second as it wasn’t really a party more like an acknowledging tour of the automobile giant, yet it was fruitful for  me to visit here and relish every second of it thoroughly.

Here are some of the pics for the mentioned tour:


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