Why I like my new Baggit Bag… #FreedomofExpression


We are energetic, we want to achieve it all and we want to make a mark for ourselves so we are remembered by everyone. The easiest way to do that perhaps is to have a unique style. Fashion is one way we can present ourselves to the world and charm everyone with our personality. The woman of today is well equipped with everything she needs to look her best for the world. Our bag is probably the first accessory that a person notices when we walk into a room which is why if the bag is good looking, we are confident of our ensemble. We can be clam or restless but we are never uncool. Our style is always a mirror to who we are.

With Baggit’s great bag, I know that I look good. The colour and material has a universal appeal and the bag matches very well with both casuals and formals. A woman’s bag is the mirror to her personality. One can tell a lot about a woman by looking at her bag and this bag truly represents my personality. Our personality is very simple to understand. We may be close to our destination or far away from it but we are never lost. We might have a very smooth or bumpy ride but we always find a way to enjoy each moment. 

Why I love Baggit is because the material is extremely soft to touch and the bag is really spacious. I can fit in my makeup, my documents, my charger, my power bank and sometimes and extra pair of flat shoes to comfort my aching feet from the stilettos I wear all day long! 

Baggit which is India’s well known handbag and accessories brand, has launched an interesting campaign “Play the Life Game”. They have taken forward the ‘Play the Life Game’ brand anthem to the new fashion season with much more attitude and poise with expressions that we can look at and relate to as our own. Baggit has captured the moods and expressions of women like me perfectly. 

We are bold, we have a unique personality and we value our style. Baggit understands it perfectly. Baggit has captured the thought of “Freedom of Expression” and has made it easier for us to express ourselves with the bags in their collection S/S16’. We might be serious but we are also fun, we are always ourselves. We may be sad or happy but we are never unmoved. 

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