Restaurant Review: Fatty Bao, R.K. Puram, New Delhi

Fatty Bao is the newest, funkiest, hippest restaurant in town that is not just cool but a gastronomic delight. Located in the Sangam Courtyard in Delhi, it is a fantastic new addition to the Delhi restaurantosphere.

Wild Mushroom and Truffle Oil Dim Sum -The Fatty Bao- Picture Courtesy-Sanjay Ramchandran (1)

The décor is unique to say the least as murals of all sizes adorn the walls of the restaurant. They are all customized and extremely interesting.

Our meal began with the delicious char sui bao. It was a great combination with the kimchi and the hoisin complimenting the pork belly beautifully. The belly was cooked just right and the sweet and salty combo worked well.

Char Siu Bao - The Fatty Bao - Photo Courtesy Kunal Chandra

My favourite starter was next, the beautiful salmon carpaccio. The sauce that it was covered in was exquisite to say the least. The soy and yuzu balanced the fish so well and enhanced its flavour.

We also had lovely grilled oysters, that were freshly imported from Cochin. A word about the Fatty Bao protein sourcing, as they source the best quality meat of all kinds from all over the country, hence quality is never compromised.

Hamachi Carpaccio The Fatty Bao - Photo Courtesy Kunal Chandra-(1)

The main courses had two of the most brilliant dishes I have had in an Asian restaurant. The chicken rendang was par excellence, simply the best  i hvae had. The heat, the coconut and accompaniments combined to make it a really satisfying dish. Try it as soon as you can.

The Ramen is again a speciality here and when I tasted it I wasn’t disappointed to say the least. The grilled seafood ramen was a huge bowl full of choicest fish and had delectable aroma and flavour.

The zen forest was the dessert I had and it was something so mind-blowing that it lead my partner to say that it was the best dessert she has ever had. There was a yuzu parfait along many different elements like a beetroot sorbet, sesame nougatine and a black sesame sponge. Each dish lent to the overall plate and when having all the elements , it was harmony of the best kind. This dish for me was my evening’s highlight and has never really left my palette from the day.


We also had a Japanese cheesecake and on special request a portion of the Vahlrona chocolate ice cream. They were good too but the Zen forest is something too special to be missed.

Simply one of the best restaurants in Delhi, Fatty Bao has elevated Asian cuisine in the city and how! Kudos.

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