Review: Janpath Grill House, CP

Located prominently right in front of the Janpath market, the ambiance is welcoming  & the service is good.

To start with, the Indian mocktails are a successfull attempt at creating some extra-ordinary mocktails with the Indian touch – gur ka sharbat, hajmola ka gola, aam ki shikanji and chatori were the drinks on the menu the day we visited. Each had a punch but clearly aam ki shikanji stole the show – so much so that we ended up having at-least 4 glasses each. Gur ka sharbat is quite literally, a sharbat. I added a little bit of salt and it tasted better than what was served. Hajmola ka gola is interestingly refreshing. Chatori is again a very good drink.


The starters of the day began with gol-gappas Janpath Grill style – baked and the water in test tubes, the presetation is very appealing. The amuse bouche was nitro frymes, the regular frymes topped with liquid nitrogen, which makes it crispier and adds the fun factor as well. Mutton Seekh Kebabs, chicken seekh kebabs, wasabi prawns, chicken tikka, mutton burra kebabs, peri-peri aloo, mushroom etc. made their rounds. The kebabs stood out, and so did chicken tikka. Mutton burra kebabs would have been tastier, were they served hot.





The main course had all the essentials that you need – mutton korma, kadhai chicken, chole, puri, dal makhani, butter paneer masala with two types of rice and breads to accompany. Salads, raita etc. also adorned another area, which was completely avoided by me, as usual 🙂 Most of the dishes fared well.

A separate live pasta station dishes out on demand pasta dishes, but it was too late by the time we noticed it and we were already full with the starters and main course.


The dessert sections has varieties of kulfi, kheer and phirni. Only kulfi cvould fit into the appetite left and it was very appealing.

At the price, Janpath offers a good selection of starters and main course with some desi twists to the food. It is real steal. Head on and experience the latest kid on the block!

48, Janpath Road, Janpath, Connaught Place
Lunch (Monday – Friday) 499/599 (V/NV)
Dinner (Monday – Friday) 599/699 (V/NV)
Lunch & Dinner (Saturday – Sunday) 699/799 (V/NV)

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