Authentic Mexican Food @ Arribas-Mexican Grill and Tequileria

Authentic Mexican food is almost hard to find in Delhi restaurants, but with Arriba, one can now sit back, relax and enjoy the authentic Mexican delicacies in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, tucked away in the Asiad Village Complex. Special mention to the people, who are extremely hospitable and make you feel special and wanted right at the entrance and till your entire food experience at Arriba gets over. The manager Simant, and the head chef Noah Barnes personally take care of each and every guest and go on to explain the nitty gritties of sourcing the ingredients and spices and what goes behind creating the authentic Mexican dishes.

For drinks, Margarita’s are a specialty of this place, and you must take chef’s recommendation to try out the best.


Salsa Carnival: This truly is a carnival of different types of salsa, each better than the best, served with homemade tortilla chips. Mango Coriander & Habanero, Watermelon Togarashi & Feta, Fresh & Pickled Jalapeño, Charred Tomato and Spiced Green Tomato, were the varieties of salsas served, and each one of them was delectable, I could just go on and on with it.


Chicken Torts: These mini chicken sliders are definitely a must have on the list, I personally loved them and can back for them anytime. They tasted just awesome, the chicken was juicy and tender, and for me they have become an all time favorite.

Fish Taco Bites: Whatever I say for these, the words won’t be sufficient enough, It was simply one of the best dish I have ever eaten, these bite size tacos were a mouth melting experience. I can still feel the taste and all I can say is that do not give them a miss at any cost.


Prawn Diablo: A word of caution here, though Noah warned me that these were spicy, I went ahead and ate, but man, spicy they were. I mean they were truly hot and reminded me of those spicy food-eating challenges that we often see on TV programs. The sauce was super awesome, but you would need another helping of Salsa Carnival to ease out your burning taste buds after this, nevertheless those who like spices, or challenges, do give it a try.



Watermelon Margarita: One of the most refreshing drinks I had, and make a perfect summer companion.


Assorted Margaritas: Loved the mango and pineapple flavored margaritas out of the lot and I would highly recommend taking chef’s suggestion in guiding you to order the best drink as per your liking.



Fajita Chicken Enchiladas: These were simply the best one could ask for, and without a doubt in your head, just go for it


Shrimp Tacos: Out of all the dishes I had, this was the most regular item, because others were exceptionally great. So I wont rate this one very high, it was good, but not great.


Cottage Cheese Skewers: These were a combination of sweet potato, cottage cheese and zucchini skewers and for vegetarians it’s a delight. It was a very perfectly spiced dish and sweet potatoes never tasted better.



Churros with Chocolate Sauce: This was delectable, the churros were both soft and crispy and the chocolate sauce was just perfect to go along. There was a variation of chilli chocolate sauce too, but I settled for the regular one only.


Tequila Lime Cheese Cake: Well, wont comment much on this one, it was good, but personally I liked the churros better.



Cozy and Comfortable, both indoor and outdoor seating.


Very very hospitable



Overall Rating:


Review Credit: Aditi Malhotra

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