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Intrigued to see chefs churning out perfect sushi rolls successively at a sushi bar, it appeared to be an easy task. Way too easy, was the thought – some rice, fish and sauce – roll – that’s it – what could be so hard. As some wise man said, appearances can be deceptive – it was only at a Sushi Masterclass by Chef Vikram Khatri at Guppy by ai, during a hands-on with sushi rolls, I learnt what looked like a piece of cake, is in every bit an art – it would be just apt to call it the art of sushi making!

With demystification of the art of sushi making in mind, Guppy by ai is organizing masterchef classes, where the charismatic Chef Vikram Khatri will run you through the seemingly difficult task. Having had the first hand experience, Chef Vikram Khatri presents himself as a great mentor – with his tips and tricks, you are bound to excel in the art in no time.

that’s how you roll it!

You can master the different techniques and delicate flavours pairings essential in creating authentic sushi. Starting from ingredients, their seasoning and preparation – to pairing flavours and sauces; from assembling the sushi ingredients to plating them – Chef Vikram and his team give you tips of the trade to get those perfect rolls on your plate.

the battlefield 😀

When you have achieved the perfection and dished out some perfect sushi rolls, sit down and enjoy a lunch of sushi rolls and miso soup, specially curated by the chef.

the end product, not bad 🙂

Don’t just take the art of sushi making home, carry the signed certificate – eloquating that you are a sushi lover (& creator) & the recipe set and show off your skills!!

28, Main Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi
Saturday, 28th May2016
10 am – 12 pm | 4 pm – 6 pm
Rs 1,600 per person all inclusive
01124690005 / 6, +919650185005

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