Rajasthani Food Festival@VITS, Andheri

Grandeur coupled with the Royal Rajputana’s hospitality made it was in every patron’s heart. True to its essence, Rajasthani Food Festival at Poolside, Vits restaurant at Andheri East beckoned “Padharo Maare Des!!!”

Hosting its guests with a warm welcome, the festival dished out numerous gastronomical recipes. Exploring the Rajputana cuisine, here are a few signature delights, which stole the hearts away!

Chasing The Chaats: Tantalising the taste buds and making one yearn for more, was perfectly done by the Chaat Counter. The live counter served scrumptious Sev Puri, Pani Puri and an array or Rotis as well as Paranthas. Complemented with various condiments and spices the Chat counter dished some great dishes that no one could have just once.



Savouring Salads: They bursted with fresh vegetables like raw mango, lemon marinated lettuce, fine-chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, crowned with coriander, hearty grains and protein-rich beans. Alluring image and addictive taste of these mouthwatering recipes cast a spell. The menu enlisted the traditional Boondi Raita, Green Salad, Kacche Kairi Ka Salad (Raw Mango Salad), Egg Salad. And one such spell casting Salad was Tandoori Chicken Salad.

Tandoori Chicken SaladCharred to perfection tandoori chicken marinated in homemade Indian Tandoori Marinade with cooling sweet-and-sour mango dressing, crunchy cucumber and radish, and nutty crunchy of curry-lime cashew nuts….. this Tandoori Chicken Salad graduated as the  new favourite summer salad!!

Scrumptious MainsThe traditional Rajasthani platter depicted a brilliant play of gourmet preparations  on a plate of epic proportions. The meticulous arrangement of delicacies and desserts delighted one and all…


Haldi Ka Saag & Kairi Gunda  coupled with Parantha was truly mesmerizing.

Haldi ka Saag (Turmeric Root Vegetable) is an authentic Rajasthani winter dish. Fresh Haldi  is sautéed in ghee and simmered in onion and yogurt gravy.The key ingredient ‘ghee’- helps in reducing the bitterness of Haldi and acts as a cooling agent. Fresh yellow Haldi is similar in appearance to that of ginger and it was a must have dish on my list.

Kairi Gunda: Another special, seasonal and authentic Rajasthani vegetable was Kairi Gunda. Gunda which is also known as Fragrant Manjack, Gumberry, Indian Cherry, Bird Lime, Clammy Berries or Cordia Dichotoma along with grated raw mangoes was infused with traditional spices. This recipe was one of its kind that let the taste bud tantalized.

And there was lot more in the menu like

Dal Bati Churma is the most loved and endeared one and Rajasthani festival would have been incomplete without its presence in the menu. And trying one was a relishing experience.

The journey of experiencing Rajasthan’s Culinary Artistry didn’t stop here…For those aren’t aware of the meat recipes from Royal Rajputana Kitchen, the kitchen cooked some delectable preparations using Chicken, Mutton & Fish. They were…


Rajasthani cooking makes generous use of red chillies, condiments, and spices which led these dishes to be fabulously succulent. The gourmet was meticulously cooked  under the captainship of Chef Deepak Prakash Noudiyal.  A humble gentleman who holds several years of experience working on Indian cuisine and specializing in Rajasthani Cuisine has worked with 5 star restaurants across the map and is definitely there to help you know the Rajasthani Cuisine better.

Divine Desserts:  The best things about Rajasthani desserts is that they are served with the main course! Churma Laddoo, Gajar Halwa & Mango Plaza were perfectly prepared to conclude the dining with sweetness.


Review Credit: Aditya Naik

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