My life: Being a Lifestyle & Travel Blogger


Being a lifestyle and travel blogger seems like the easiest job in the world. It is far away from that. People look at my life and ask me how I get to be at a job that isn’t a job at all? They see my job as just loads of travelling, loads of food and cartloads of fun. I admit I don’t have a desk job but I do work round the clock. Anything and everything fascinates me, anything and everything is subject for my blog and anything and everything may need to be documented. I really want to write a blog to clear all the misconceptions that people have about lifestyle and travel bloggers. Today, you will get to see what my life is really like. It may not seem like work but in so many ways we do much more work than a person a desk job. Our work may not be as monotonous but it challenges us everyday!



My day starts at around 7 am like most people my age.  When I am not travelling I get to enjoy an early morning cuppa with Microsoft One Note. I pre-plan my week every Sunday on Microsoft One Note. One Note is like my default memory bank, wherein I collect moments, details of events, details of people, my travels, have a t0-do list, etc. I can tick my to-do list off as and when I finish a task. So, I look at the previous day’s sheet to make sure everything is checked off and then as I sip my second cuppa I look at the day’s agenda on One Note.

I’m Omnipresent!

Try googling my blog. We are on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pintrest, Tumblr – Everywhere! It isn’t easy to be everywhere. You need loads of content. I travel all the time. I attend 100s of events every month. I can’t control the events my bloggers and I are invited to so what I do is I have the entire schedule on Word Online including an excel sheet with the date and time for each event. We have a base team in Delhi and Mumbai and every blogger has access to the “mother document”. Everyone can check what event is when and who is attending it. My bloggers can access this document anywhere in the world, even as they are travelling. If there are any changes I find out in advance so I can plan my day accordingly.

Blogger Friends

Blogging isn’t just a job. You make friends from all over the world. My Facebook has over 5000 friends and I wish Facebook could allow more friends as I have a second account to accommodate more. I meet so many new people everyday and most of them love what I do. They want to join me on my travels, attend food events with me and test drive awesome cars. I make it a point to add new members to my blog everyday. To experience the same event though another person’s eyes is amazing. You get a fresh perspective, new viewpoints and a new angle to an otherwise mundane story. I have come to love the co-authoring tool that Microsoft has come up with. Once I am done covering an event and I’m back home I co-author a blog with my co-attendee and the resultant blog is somewhat of a masterpiece. Its surprising to see all the amazing points of view of the new people I meet at every event.

Managing Bloggers

I like travelling and I’m always on the go but my team back at home is my backbone. My team is very organised and pro-active. They are always on the phone, they collaborate with new companies, with other bloggers and influencers and with hotels and restaurants to ensure we have fresh content for the blog everyday. They are always up to date with every event that we have been invited to and they keep shooting us new email messages all day long checking if anyone of us are available to attend. My smartphone has Outlook email. It syncs very easily with any phone I switch to and God knows I switch a lot (considering how many phone reviews I do)! My team updates their Outlook calendar and we get updates on all available events with the time when the event is happening. I have to admit that I need at least one reminder before the event to ensure that I don’t miss it!



I’m very passionate about photography. I see beauty in everything. Only a photographer can truly enjoy a moment or a location because you know that even if your brain and your eyes forget, you camera will always remember. My camera is my best friend. I travel with it all the time. All my photos are wirelessly transferred from my camera to my smartphone and then emailed to my team or attached to a blog and MS Office is responsible for making it easy. It’s a fun process because I get comments and feedback of what my team likes about a particular photograph and what they don’t. I am constantly learning from my mistakes and trying to create something spectacular. 

Good Night!

Whether I sleep in a hotel room or at home I make sure I go through my social media pages to see what kind of response my posts have had. It is mostly positive which is very reassuring. It gives me the motivation to perform better next day. I can use my smartphone and my laptop to access my to-do list, my schedule and once that is done, I sleep really sound because I know exactly what the following day will look like!




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