MojoBar- The Healthy Snack Bar that Brings your Mojo Back!

How often is it that we crave something delicious, but cringe at the thought of how unhealthy it would be for our body?

There are so many times we want a delicious, crunchy and most importantly convenient snack to just carry in our bag and munch onto every time were hungry.

Being an architecture student, work often gets hectic and we lose track of our meals, specially whilst doing group projects! In such a tense atmosphere we just can’t leave the team to grab a bite a definitely not something inconvenient and time consuming.

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I think these bars will be greatly useful in stressful times like these.

MojoBar is for all mothers out there who are struggling to incorporate nuts and yogurt and healthy seeds into the daily diet of their loved ones. Not everyone loves yogurt, but the healthy bacteria present in it is good for the body. It is also soothing, calming and aids digestion.

MojoBar combines all the best qualities from the healthiest foods and brings them together into a neat little Bar. MojoBar is currently available in three varients: Choco Almond + Protein, Nutty Apricot + Fibre and Yoghurt Berry +Anti-Oxidants. Their bars are real food in every sense of the term, they do not add artificial ingredients, preservatives and are even gluten-free. Health and wellness is a mega trend shaping consumer preferences and shopping habits for the years to come. Today, everyone is looking for healthy and easy-to-eat snacks, and their goal is to create tasty, convenient snacks to fulfil this dynamic, increasing consumer demand.

6 Pack_Amazon

Here are the Healthy ingredients that each of these bars incorporate. The combination of Health and fun, is definitely a winning one!

Choco Almond + Protein– Oats, Rice Crisps,Almonds,Peanuts,Honey, Dates

Nutty Apricot + Fibre- Oats, Rice Crisps,Almonds,Peanuts,Honey, Apricot,Black Currant  and Resins

Yogurt Berry + Antioxidants- Rice Crisps,Almonds,Peanuts,Honey,Oats,Resins, Cranberry, Watermelon seeds                                                     and Yogurt

I’d say its about time we snack right and its never difficult if there’s delicious in each bite!

MojoBar retails in 250+ general trade stores in Mumbai and Bangalore, and is shipped to 26 Indian cities through & other online portals such as Scootsy & Fitternity so don’t miss on your opportunity to be healthy!

Find the closest store to you or log on to Amazon now!

Pick up a MojoBar and get instantly Proteinised, Fiberised and Energized!

6 Pack_Amazon



Review By- Sanskaara Lalwani



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