Wok Express Opens its Newest Outlet in BKC, Mumbai!

Wok express opens a new outlet in BKC! One of the leading brands serving wholesome Woks, wok express has quickly expanded and has delighted customers throughout the city.

Wok Express,BKC

Being a new outlet of an already popular it brand was definitely on my ‘to try’ list. Their recent launch of sushi and bao’s had me excited and being an absolute dimsum lover I was looking forward to all these delicacies in addition to the Woks.

Unfortunately the outlet told me that they were not serving Sushi. To be honest, my heart sank but the idea of soft pillowy baos and dimsum kept me going.

We started our meal with the Wasabi Prawn, Sriracha chicken and edamame Dumplings. Since I’m an absolute dimsum fanatic, I am very critical of any dimsum served to me.

Wok Express,BKC

I thoroughly enjoyed the edamame dumplings and even ordered a second round but all the non veg dimsum, the prawn and the chicken seemed bland and flavourless and one batch was also served raw!

Our baos were definitely a better deal, the eggplant Bao had crisp eggplant and was served with mayonnaise encased in some freshly steamed,delicious soft bread. I didn’t enjoy the mushroom rendition of the Bao but I would recommend the chicken as I have enjoyed those on previous occasions.

Wok Express,BKC

Wok express is one of the few places serving Bubble Tea in our city and they certainly serve some delicious drinks.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Thai Ice Tea and would highly recommend it to all my readers.

The Milo-Tella was a cooling light chocolaty drink with little boba at the bottom.

Wok express is known for its fresh, hearty woks and they never fail to impress us with those. Although the dimsums disappointed us, the delicious wok did attempt to make up for it.

I ordered a fish wok with ramen noodles as a base, massman coconut curry sauce and paired it with broccoli, onions, baby corn , cabbage and pak Choy. Topped off with some peanuts and Fried garlic, this was a complete winner and I licked the entire dish dry!

Wok Express,BKC

With some Ups and some Downs the new outlet at BKC promises some great woks and Bubble tea, but the dimsums, I’d surely be wary!



Review By- Sanskaara Lalwani



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