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Someone has rightly said – “There’s nothing more romantic than Italian food” and Spago – an authentic fine dine Italian restaurant, located at N-Block, GK-I, definitely ranks among the best in serving this beautiful cuisine.

The restaurant has a very wonderful décor, and you get a very welcoming and upmarket feel to it.



After admiring the interiors, we were seated and greeted by the restaurant manager and he introduced us with the menu – and based on his suggestion we ordered Crostini Pollo & Feta Apple in the entree.  Before our starters arrived, we were presented with their bread basket – assorted garlic & olive breads along with pesto sauce – very fresh and equally tasty.



Crostini Pollo was thin crisp breads with minced herb chicken and parmesan on top – and the chicken had a very buttery feel to it – a brilliant way to start your food journey.


Feta Apple was salad which had apple, feta cheese, pine nuts along with mixed leaves and sun dried tomato dressing – salad lovers, don’t miss this one – the flavors of sun dried tomato dressing were too good, and a word for their Feta – haven’t had feta cheese this good before.


For our main course we ordered Saltimbocca, Costolette Di Agnello & Cernia Al Limone.

Saltimbocca was chicken breast, stuffed with ham, olives, and mozzarella, cooked in red wine sauce and served along with mash potato. The dish tasted pretty good, however I felt the chicken was a little chewy for me. Mashed potato had the perfect creamy texture to it.


Cernia Al Limone was Sole fish cooked in lemon, garlic, fresh dill and white wine sauce served along with creamy polenta – perfectly grilled and loved the flavors. I have always found fish tastes best with simple ingredients – and this was a perfect example of it. Fish lovers, do try it!


Costolette Di Agnello was the stand-out dish for me in the main course. Lamb chops grilled in mushroom and olives glace, served along with mash potatoes. The marination was too good, and didn’t overpower the lamb, so you could distinctly taste the meat and coupled with the perfect medium rare grilling –heaven!


For dessert, based on the manager’s suggestion, we went for Tiramisu, Mousse Di Cioccolato & Torta Royal.

An Italian meal is incomplete without Tiramisu and Spago are masters at it – lovely flavors and among the best you’ll have in Delhi – without a doubt.


Torta Royal was their special in the dessert section – white chocolate and mascarpone cake – and trust me when I say it – it had an orgasmic feeling to it, this dessert was so good. You break a piece of it, and all the white chocolate comes rushing out like a waterfall and the first bite of it takes you to heaven. A dish not to be missed. Try it to believe it!


Mousse Di Cioccolato was rich chocolate mousse with lovely flavors, pretty good.




Review Credit – Abhik Dasgupta

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