Bangkok Street Food @ K3 JW Marriott 

Fine dining at its best is what K3 at the JW Marriot offered in every serving. Being a 5 Star hotel the experience was rather homely. I got the opportunity to witness one of the special 10 days event at the marvelous hotel, situated just 2.5 KM from the New Delhi Airport. The hotel from the outside might look like an ordinary hotel, 1 amongst the many hotels in the vicinity, however the real magic begins when you enter the lobby. A very well polished floor to the fantastic art pieces running from corner to corner above one’s head, making this hotel simply “A Class Apart”

 K3 is one of the many restaurants in the hotel and is known for its fine dining experience, one of the best places in Delhi to experience cosines from the regions of Tuscany, Canton and of course India. Beautifully designed and well-crafted art make the place look extremely elegant and the superb quality of the staff makes it standout on the service metrics. The restaurant is also famous for its 10 day out of the box food fest that would just make you visit the place again and again, month on month.

 During my visit I was able to be a part of one such fantastic fest, where their Chef Kung served the variety from the streets of Bangkok. A simple yet tasteful menu accompanied by the specialties from the bar made it a perfect lunch on hectic working day.

The Awesomeness !!

 Krathong Thong – was a unique dish served in a unique way, the concept of serving colorful combinations of t veggies on a deep fried cupcake sounded a little normal at first, but was cooked and served with perfection, the cupcakes simply melted in the mouth and released all the flavors it had to offer.

Thord-Mum Pla – was a surprise package, I have never tasted fried fish cakes better than the ones served at the K3. The cakes were cooked to perfection, the flavors were just right and did not over power the fish, the common issue with many of the restaurants.

Out of the salads served my favorite was the Yam Thalay salad, and surely a must order when you visit the place. Yam Thalay is a mixed seafood salad and a must order for the seafood lovers. Fantastic presentation with perfectly cooked high quality prawns, squid and fish topped up with fresh veggies make it a very healthy choice for the health conscious too.  


Geang Kiee Wan Kai – the chefs version of the a Green Thai Curry was by far on of the best Thai curries I have eaten in Delhi. The dish was all about taste, balance and smoothness. The texture and consistency was great and surely made me over eat.


PLA Neung Manao – the steamed chilli lemon fish was the show stopper, beautifully served and perfectly cooked the dish was one of the best dishes for the day after the curry.


Last but not the least a must have is the “THAB THIM GROB” (only if the names were easy) was a great combination of Water Chestnut and coconut syrup served and prepared in a unique style. Please see it to believe it.


I would personally recommend this place as a must visit, and would like to give them a 4 out of 5.

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