SS’16’s Summer Collection – My Heels Haul 

Shopping online is one of my most favourite things. I hate annoying sales people who force me to buy what I don’t want to. I take hours to decide what I want to buy and I look at loads of variety and scroll pages and pages before I make my mind up. I have never been easy to shop with. I frustrate people because it’s impossible for me to make up my mind. My family likes it when I shop online becaua e it’s easy for them, it’s easy for me, I always get loads of deals, returns are easy and I am always 100% satisfied.

My online shopping spree started a few years ago when I discovered Jabong. Jabong always sends me great deals and I love it when I add the coupon code the price instantly goes down! What girl doesn’t love the word “SALE”!

My latest shoe hall has been from the SS’16 Summer Store. Go to the Steve Madeen store at one of the malls and pay retail or shop on Jabong and get a huge discount!

My new shoes look mind blowing. I love red and I’ve always wanted to own a hot pair of bright red heels.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 13.07.45

I love the colour and I was amazed how fast these were delivered! 🙂

If you this red only looks good with red, white or black, think again.

You can pair these heels with so many different colours!

If you don’t like to experiment too much then stick with these black Steve Madden heels. They will look good with formal dresses, trousers and even jeans!

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 13.08.36

These heels are so elegant! I love the design.

I can’t get enough of online shopping, if you don’t believe how awesome it is, log on to check out the latest collection for yourself!

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